A Complete Guide to Acrovyn® Doors: Is it Time to Upgrade?

A popular adage advises, "Old ways won't open new doors." Nowhere is this advice more valuable than when you're exploring options for actual new doors. Maybe you're looking to replace the doors in your facility, or maybe you're selecting doors for a new building. In either case, you want to open literal and figurative new doors. You want the best solution to all your door challenges.

Acrovyn Doors provides that solution.

So, what are Acrovyn Doors? What benefits can they offer your business? What should you consider when choosing them? This article answers these questions and more.

What Is Acrovyn?

Acrovyn technology is both time-tested and state-of-the-art. Construction Specialties (CS) pioneered Acrovyn in 1969. At the time, it was the first form of PVC wall protection that could conform to any shape. Since then, CS has improved Acrovyn technology based on research, testing, and end-users' feedback. In 2004, it replaced the original PVC-based Acrovyn with a new compound. These changes made Acrovyn 3000 products safer and more environmentally friendly. Most recently, in 2009, CS updated Acrovyn once again. Using a PETG alternative, Acrovyn 4000 offers the most durable, functional, stylish, and sustainable wall and door protection to date.

What Are the Benefits of Acrovyn Doors?

Acrovyn Doors address every factor users must consider when choosing new commercial doors. These include durability, maintenance, and safety. As well as versatility, style, and sustainability.


Among the most significant benefits of Acrovyn Doors is their durability. They are made with a resilient crossbanded inner core, clad with a layer of virtually indestructible Acrovyn sheet and feature replaceable, rounded edge stiles that deflect impact. Impact tests show Acrovyn Doors capable of withstanding 2,000,000 cycle slams. This number is double the industry standard. These tests also show that when damage does occur, it most often strikes a door's edges. Thus, Acrovyn Doors have radiused edges for extra protection. While these slam tests are important, doors—especially commercial doors—are subject to additional damage from abrasive forces. Taber tests are recognized across the industry as the gold standard for abrasion testing.

In Taber tests, Acrovyn significantly outperformed other door construction materials. The number of abrasive cycles each material could withstand before showing a distinctive wear pattern is listed below:

  • Wood Veneer with Stain & Conversion Varnish: 1,000 cycles
  • Thermally Fused Melamine: 1,000 cycles
  • Wood Veneer with Stain & Catalyzed Polyurethane Coating: 5,000 cycles
  • HPL: 10,000 cycles


Even the most durable doors can eventually show some wear. Research suggest that the best doors incorporate easy maintenance for the most common trouble spots. And like we mentioned before, those trouble spots are the edges. Acrovyn doors are the only commercial doors that offer both replaceable style and edges. In the event the edges do need to be replaced, they can be done quickly and easily onsite, limiting the downtime and disruption to your facility.  With Acrovyn replacement stiles and edges, you can rest assured that your newly reinforced edges will fit seamlessly on your existing door. With this quick fix, your Acrovyn Doors will look as good as the day they were installed. Plus – Construction Specialties warranties the edges of its Acrovyn Doors for the lifetime of the door. This can reduce your business's ongoing facility maintenance costs.


Similar to maintenance, another main concern when choosing a new door is the ease of cleaning. CS doors are covered with Acrovyn Rigid Sheet, which has a Suede texture similar to a painted surface. This texture is strong enough to withstand scrapes and scuffs. At the same time, though, it is smoother and easier to clean than the original Acrovyn texture. Regular cleaning with soap and water is sufficient to remove the most common stains and marks, like coffee and ink pens. A mild solvent, like isopropyl alcohol, can remove more difficult stains, like crayon marks. 


The most obvious safety feature doors provide is security. However, Acrovyn Doors also protect your health. Finally, Acrovyn Doors include fire-rated options for additional protection.


Acrovyn Doors protect your health and the health of your employees and your clients by reducing bacterial and fungal growth. Laboratory tests reveal that, even when exposed to bacteria in prime conditions for growth, Acrovyn showed no growth for the entire 21-day testing period. Similar tests for fungal growth used a 28-day testing period. Again, Acrovyn showed no fungal growth.

Fire Safety:

Acrovyn is UL Certified and Labeled as a Class A/1 fire-rated product. Underwriter Laboratories (UL) has provided third-party certification of safety testing for over a century. The UL label on Acrovyn means that this trusted third-party has confirmed its ongoing compliance with original UL test results. Acrovyn Doors are available in various levels of fire-ratings. These range from non-rated doors to doors with 20, 45, 60, and 90-minute fire ratings. When you choose a fire-rated door, these numbers indicate the time frame for which the door can resist smoke and flames. CS’ offering of Acrovyn Doors are available in a range of fire ratings to help meet both functional and design needs.


Construction Specialties designed Acrovyn 4000 with sustainability in mind. Acrovyn is made of engineered PETG that is free of PVC, phthalates, persistent bioaccumulative toxins (PBT) and bisphenol A (BPA). For over 25-year years, CS has been committed to continually to improve their products and activities in the interest of human and environmental health. Because of this work, CS is recognized as a thought leader in the environmental arena. In a nod to its sustainability efforts, Acrovyn Doors can be constructed of FSC-certified wood and recycled material, rapidly renewable agrifiber and CARB-compliant cores that have no added formaldehyde. Also, all CS’ doors can help to contribute toward LEED v4 credits.

Versatility and Style:

In commercial interiors, there are additional functional needs doors have to meet, depending on the space. Besides the standard Flush model, Acrovyn Doors offers a line of options to help meet those specific requirements.

Panel Doors:
For users who seek a less institutional feel, Acrovyn Panel Doors provide an ideal option. They offer fire ratings up to 60 minutes. Available in 8 standard panel designs, Acrovyn Panel Doors include the same variety of solid colors and woodgrain patterns to match any style.

Dutch Doors:
If you choose a flush or panel door, you might also consider a Dutch door. Acrovyn Dutch Doors include a top and bottom panel. Users can choose to keep one panel open and the other closed. These doors are perfect for areas requiring a balance of access and privacy.

Barrier-Resistant Doors:
Buildings in the behavioral health field often require barrier-resistant doors. These doors include a smaller door that allows staff access when a patient barricades a room. Acrovyn Barrier-Resistant Doors are fire-rated up to 20 minutes. They also offer the full range of solid colors and woodgrain finishes, easily meeting both functional and aesthetic requirements.

Lead-Lined Doors:
Acrovyn Lead-Lined Doors are designed with functionality and safety in mind. Healthcare facilities that offer imaging services choose lead-lined doors for radiology rooms, which are among the busiest areas of a hospital. Their doorways suffer regular impacts from patient beds, equipment, and other forces. Acrovyn Lead-Lined Doors can withstand these impacts, eliminating potential exposure to lead and protecting the health and safety of users and visitors. Acrovyn Lead-Lined Doors offer fire-ratings up to 60 minutes. They are also available in a variety of solid colors and Chameleon patterns.

Sound Transmission Control Doors (STC)
Acrovyn Sound Transmission Control Doors diminish the amount of sound energy that passes through door openings. In this way, they reduce unwanted noise. Acrovyn STC Doors are available in a range of STC ratings and offer fire ratings up to 90 minutes. They continue to include the full range of color and finish options. 

Bullet-Resistant Doors:
Acrovyn Bullet-Resistant Doors are an option for users seeking additional security. Acrovyn Bullet-Resistant Doors offer all the protections and options of regular Acrovyn Doors. However, they include a sturdy inner core of Ballistic Composite Wood offered in Levels I-III. These models are also available in the standard color and finish offering to complement any aesthetic.

Acrovyn Doors by Design:
Finally, some users desire the durability and functionality of Acrovyn Doors, and sometimes they find even the wide range of color and finish options limiting. Acrovyn Doors by Design offer these users an unlimited range of stylistic options. Acrovyn by Design Doors embed images behind the Acrovyn Rigid Sheet. This makes it possible for users to custom design their Acrovyn Doors. Acrovyn by Design doors can include branding, messages, photos, and other graphics. They can even be a part of a larger wall mural as to not break up the design. Acrovyn by Design is available on many of the Acrovyn Door models to help elevate the design of any space.

Other Acrovyn Doors Featured Options:

Lite Kit Options & Factory Glazing
CS extensive line of lite kit options can satisfy any of your door requirements. Those options include matching Acrovyn face wrap on the lite kit for a seamless, integrated look. Additionally, upon request, CS can install the lite kit and glass in-house and ship the Acrovyn door as one unit.

Lit Kits CS Offers:

  • Metal
  • Acrovyn Wrapped Metal
  • Flush Wood Bead
  • Lipped Wood Bead

Hardware Options
You don’t have to limit yourself to certain hardware options. CS can prep your Acrovyn Doors to accept any type of hardware that standard wood doors use, including concealed vertical rods, flush bolts, and electric power transfers. All Acrovyn Doors, including fire-rated, can be prepped in-house.

Acrovyn Doors: Welcoming Durability, Sustainability, Safety, and Style
With their sustainable design, endless customization capabilities, resilience, and lasting value, our Acrovyn Doors are the ultimate solution for all your door challenges. When you're ready to learn more about upgrading to Acrovyn Doors, contact Construction Specialties to request a quote. Our experts can help you select the Acrovyn Door options that best meet your needs. They can also tell you more about how the entire Acrovyn line can protect and enhance other areas of your facility, including its walls


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