The Acrovyn Door difference.

Redesigning durability and transforming


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That's why Acrovyn Doors feature radiused edges for extra impact protection.


At an 8" drop a slight indentation in the Acrovyn occurred.


At a 4" drop the HPL laminate chipped, exposing sharp edges.


At a 3"drop the wood veneer chipped, exposing sharp edges.

Replaceable Stiles and Edges

Only Acrovyn Doors are available with replaceable stiles and edges.


costs less 48px

Costs less than replacing the entire door


Timing Estimator

standard testing 48px

No downtime or disruption to the facility

wear and tear 48px

Continue to look as good as the day they were installed

lifetime warranty 48px

We will warranty the Acrovyn edges against damages for the lifetime of the door

Door Construction

Acrovyn Doors are constructed with an SCL, particleboard, or mineral core blank laminated with durable Acrovyn sheet. Our doors also feature field replaceable stiles and edge covers, if ever damaged.

Taber® tests don’t lie

These tests, the industry standard for abrasion testing, prove that the Acrovyn Doors are much tougher than any other commercial door. Tests were conducted in accordance with ASTM 4060-90 standard using CS-10 wheels. Shown are actual test photos.

1,000 Cycles

Wood Veneer

1,000 Cycles

Low Pressure Laminate (Thermal Fused)

15,000 Cycles

High Pressure Laminate

20,000 Cycles

Acrovyn 4000


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