Entrance Flooring Solutions

CS has been the leader in entrance flooring and innovation for over 45 years, providing the largest portfolio of beautiful options to protect your entrance.

Entrance Flooring Considerations

Sweet Green entrance flooring

How to Choose Entrance Flooring

See how each entrance flooring product aligns with your needs and preferences by comparing the specs and details of all the solutions we offer.
Design and Selection
Entrance flooring rolling load

The Effects of Rolling Loads

CS Entrance Flooring ensures that all rolling loads can travel through an entrance with ease, which is paramount to a building's functionality.
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ADA Requirements wheelchair graphic

Achieving ADA Requirements

As established industry experts, we know the rules and regulations for building safety. Our products are designed to be durable and code compliant while adding to the aesthetic value of a building.
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    CS Entrance Flooring Systems are both elegant and enduring--beauty meets function. Create a memorable first impression with endless design options and solutions in four patented systems: Pedigrid®, Pedimat®, GridLine®, and Floormations®.

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    CS Entrance Flooring Systems are manufactured from only the best materials available, and provide long-lasting durability.

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    As a building owner, you know that injuries by or within your building are possible. One of the most important decisions that can be made to reduce that risk occurs at the front door of your facility. If you've specified entrance flooring, you've already taken steps to significantly reduce your liability.

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    Our commitment to sustainability drives our innovation. CS has been a leader throughout the construction industry in developing products that not only look good but also perform well beyond sustainability standards.

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    From the introduction of the world's first commercial entry mat system, Pedigrid® in 1968, to the world's first computer-milled and -designed system, Floormations®, in 2015, CS Entrance Flooring Mats + Grids has been on the cutting edge of both beauty and performance.

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    Customer Support

    Whether you need help with product selection or a fast quote or have an installation question, our customer service team is available whenever you need them. CS provides unrivaled customer support with the most expertly trained staff in the industry.

Imagine your building with an entrance mat that does more than trap dirt. We are the industry experts in special projects and custom entrance flooring engineering, here to empower your design team to push the envelope.

You think outside the box. We'll make that idea a reality.

G62SN Gridline stainless steel entrance flooring


Customizable rail size, spacing, finishes and colors, insert materials, and mounting options. The possibilities are endless.

Sweet Greens custom logo entrance flooring


Create a custom look with radiused rails, odd cuts and shapes, custom logo integration, and custom insert colors.