Reproduce virtually any image, message or color onto your walls without the concern of damage.

Designed to take any kind of punishment, our doors will hold up where standard doors can’t.

Grilles and Vision Barriers by CS have been capturing the imaginations of architects by adding depth and dimension to buildings for more than 50 years.

Heavy-duty protection against wall abuse, Acrovyn Rigid Sheet is the perfect wall covering for interiors subjected to daily abuse.

Facilities take a beating. Protection for surfaces like walls and doors is necessary and a fact of life. CS has the solutions to protect your interior and provide a pleasing aesthetic.

Louvers by CS let architects do what they’ve always wanted: defy traditional airflow design conventions to achieve their true vision — without sacrificing performance.

Hospital room cleanliness is critical in preventing patients from contracting life threatening infections, yet the changing of cubicle curtains is often overlooked. CS provides a full range of options to help reduce these risks.

CS invented integrated entrance flooring and has been introducing new and innovative products for over 45 years.

CS' virtually invisible covers can be installed in interior or exterior applications. The covers' modular pans can include any flooring material.

If you are involved with a facility where an explosive atmosphere or material exists it is critical for your pressure venting system to function accordingly to design parameters.

Fire and Smoke Vents are the safest way to protect the building’s occupants—and firefighters.

With CS’ Sun Controls, Sunshades and Daylight Systems, your design can take on intricate patterns, sleek textures, vivid colors and even LED lighting — all while promoting lower energy costs and reduced glare.

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