Expansion Joint Solutions

From standard cover systems to highly engineered seismic joint cover solutions for sky bridges, base isolated structures and more, CS can design, test and fabricate custom assemblies to meet your project needs.

Product Benefits

  1. Joint Sizes and Color Matching

    CS makes the industry’s largest cover systems for joint openings ranging from about 5’ to 8’ wide or bigger! Whether standard or highly engineered, we offer color and finish matches to integrate covers into your facade, floors, and more.

  2. Testing Facility

    We test to ensure performance in real conditions. Our cycle table ensures code compliance and tests the movement of custom assemblies. Our fire test furnace helps develop cutting-edge life safety products and verify complex job-specific conditions.

  3. Partnership

    A partnership with CS provides high-level technical expertise and coordination, from pre-planning and design assistance through regulatory approval and the shop-drawing phase to fabrication construction, and support—even after our warranty expires.

  4. Implement & Sustain

    We don’t stop when construction starts. During construction, we offer coordinated fabrication, finish and delivery schedules, installation training, support during field changes, and inspection support. To conclude, we provide closeout information.

  5. Custom Designs

    We've used our experience to curate a proven set of solutions for all movement conditions. Every project has unique requirements, and we can design for the largest and most complex movement scenarios.

  6. Installer Workshop

    Our annual installer workshop event is world-class, bringing installers together from all over the country to provide a hands-on learning experience unlike any other.

Our Experience & Associations

seismic movement graph

Unmatched Experience

No company can come close to our experience and expertise handling complex seismic projects.

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CS is proud to partner with life safety organizations such as FCIA and the USRC.

U.S. Resiliency Council

Need a solution outside our standard designs? Our team of technical experts can work with you to design a custom system that meets your project's specific requirements.

We Don't Stop at Standard

California Golden Bears Memorial Stadium

Custom Solutions

Every project has its own special movement criteria, that's why we offer design assistance for complex projects.

City Creek custom color matching joint solutions

Color Matching

Many of our cover systems can be color-matched to surrounding finishes, making them virtually invisible no matter the application.

A Process to Meet Your Specific Requirements

Construction Specialties engineer creating design plans

Concept Design Phase

• Our technical experts collaborate with your team to gather project details and ideas.
• Establish which type of cover(s) work best for your project.
• Present drawings to the design team, highlighting how the systems function.-
Specialists discussing options

Design Assist Phase

• Regular meetings with the project teams to develop custom solutions.
• Ensure that all materials and the buildings surround are properly prepared.
• Submittal documents will be created and include specification information, coordination drawings, and calculations for coordination.
Expansion joint solution shake table cut out

Testing Phase

• Proactive in-house testing.
• Verification of safety and functionality.
• Ensure our systems perform exactly how they are designed to.
Wilshire Grand Center expansion joint solutions

Design Development Phase

• Prepare highly detailed placement drawings for use in the field.
• Support, guidance, and coordination for proper installation.
• Provide high-quality materials on time.

Learn more about the critical process behind testing and installing expansion joint systems for floors, walls, ceilings, roofs, and fire barrier.

Understanding the proper protocols when it comes to joint cover installation is crucial to pass inspection, as well as to ensure safety. Watch these videos to learn more about expansion joint systems testing and installation.

We can prove our solutions will work for your specific project requirements.

  • Movement: Our expansion joint systems go through a rigorous series of in-house cycle testing so you don’t have to worry about failures after installation.
  • Fire: Third-party certifications provide peace of mind. Our fire barrier solutions meet UL-2079, ASTM E-1966 and ASTM E-1399 performance standards.
  • Wear and Tear: Let's face the facts, floor covers take some serious abuse. Our solutions are subjected to the necessary rolling load tests to ensure performance even in the heaviest traffic areas.


In-Person Testing Demos

We can show you in person how your expansion joint cover will function and operate under real-life conditions with our exclusive full-scale test chamber, which has evaluated some of the industry's largest joint covers.