Twist your imagination

Construction Specialties’ newest sunshade system is a twisted extrusion, perfect for design enthusiasts looking to add aesthetic appeal and excitement to their buildings.
In response to the architectural trend of creating the illusion of movement on building facades, CS has created a twisted sunshade system for US markets. In the past, this effect was achieved by mounting blades on building exteriors at different angles. CS has taken a more innovative approach by creating a sunshade system with twisted blades that replicate waves.

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Project Spotlight: Riazzi Substation

Working alongside PWWG Architects, CS incorporated over 600 twisted fins in 82 panels onto Riazzi Substation's facade, creating a unique, wave-like design. Each Twisted Sunshade was custom engineered and mounted at different angles.


This arrangement of coiled blades casts shadows that demonstrate the illusion of movement, giving the building an elevated architectural aesthetic on the outside while simultaneously reducing heat glare and permitting ample light to filter in for the inside.


Watch the video below and check out the full story on our blog.

Benefits of Twisted Sunshades

  • d0d7dd37bafc42a68f3cf3b65be8c020?v=5f12f914 Lower Energy Costs

  • 867be8dc0e3e456e8819efc53abf6135?v=40321b29 Provides new level of aesthetics

  • 6f2fbef46b50419cab0faa9216d29f81?v=3281836c Reduces glare and solar heat gain

  • a1c9721a124a412ba1b05986239b86d5?v=8d8f7663 Increases safety and security

  • f280b8f171534347b932133efa813967?v=5ce737fb Allows filtered light to enter interiors

  • 3a6c68effdea48afbf000858df97f59e?v=db9d3b1f Design flexibility

Custom Architectural Metal

Twisting custom architectural metal takes the current wave designs on the market to the next level.  The twist remains constant throughout both blade types, and multiple sections can fully twist while stacked or mounted across an exterior facade.


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