Specialty venting vs other

Putting it to the test.


Explovent is the only venting system that can be tested at any time to periodically verify working conditions.

Explovent is re-settable after testing and does not need to be replaced after usage.

Explovent arrives on-site fully calibrated—ready to install.

Explovent can be installed quickly and easily to save on labor costs.

Explovent is lightweight and engineered in accordance with NFPA 68 code and OSHA guidelines.

Explovent can be tested at any time to ensure that panels are functioning as intended.

Explovent provides venting solutions for either wall or rooftop installation; as well as a range of natural day lighting options.

Explovent has Factory Mutual (FM) and ATEX approved models.

CS Group has over 35 years of experience in specialty venting and is recognized as the leader in providing complete, code-compliant solutions.

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The competitor

Blowout siding cannot be field tested to verify working conditions outside of an explosion.

Blowout siding can only be used once, and must be replaced after opened.

Blowout siding employs shear bolts and fasteners and thus is highly dependent on proper installation by site laborers.

Blowout siding requires timely on site-engineering before installations.

Blowout siding systems are typically larger and heavier than NFPA standards recommend.

Without the availability for testing, blowout siding can be extremely unreliable.

Siding can only be provided on walls, with many systems being unable to provide functional, aesthetic solutions.

Blowout siding systems cannot be non-destructively tested and are often not labeled. How can you tell that they work?

Independent contractors lack the technical expertise and experience seen with CS Group’s team of professionals.