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Modular Stair Systems were developed to alleviate many of the issues surrounding multi-level stair erection. By fabricating and shipping complete modular kits, installation time is significantly shortened and allows the contractor to build a secure stair system earlier in the construction process.

Modular Stairs Benefits

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Why CS Modular Stair Systems?

CS Modular Stair Systems are self-supporting, eliminating the dangerous use of site ladders to move between levels, and allowing for faster installation and early inspections compared to traditional stairs. Our prefabricated Modular Stair Systems are available in standard or custom kits.

Modular Stair Systems: Kit Components

● Each unit includes a top landing, mid-landing, stairs, and railings


● The bottom modular stair unit is secured to the foundation using a number of foundation brackets


● Units are interconnected at their corner columns using a connection sleeve

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Our modular stairs systems will work beautifully in your facility.

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If you have a stair condition that requires a higher performing solution, we would be happy to work with you and your team. To learn more about these solutions via lunch & learn presentation or to discuss integration with an upcoming project, contact us to get started.

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