A New Standard In Resilient Stairs

Protect the integrity of the stair system from connection failures
Reduce the transfer of damaging force back into the structure itself
Ensure safe egress during and after an earthquake, and safe ingress of first responders

The Challenge

In the face of building movement, occupant safety becomes the highest priority. CS has designed, developed and tested solutions to reduce and eliminate the unintended consequences conventional stair systems impose to structures during a seismic event, such as:

  • • Transfer of forces to unprotected areas of a structure
  • • Connection failures
  • • Compromised egress/evacuation routes
  • • Jeopardized life safety of occupants & EMS services post-earthquake

The Solution

DriftReady Stairs move with the building, so instead of acting like a brace and transferring damaging forces back to the building, the system flexes and accommodates the movement without impacting the stair connection or the surrounding structure.

If you have a stair condition that requires a higher performing solution, we would be happy to work with you and your team. To learn more about these solutions via lunch & learn presentation or to discuss integration with an upcoming project, contact us to get started.
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Tested. Proven. Ready.

We conducted full-scale shake table tests in the Earthquake Engineering Lab at the University of Nevada, Reno. In one test, we examined several conceptual methods for accommodating MCE movements. In another, we measured the performance of some existing solutions as well as our own refined solutions. A few of the configurations tested can be viewed below.

AP4 Fixed
Hanger Connection
Slide Track - Base Glides


Get in touch with a DriftReady™ Stairs product expert who will work with you to understand your project needs, wants and limitations. We assess, advise, implement and educate stakeholders from day 1 to completion. Get in Touch Today

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