Entrance Mats + Grids, GridLine® Flooring at Nike Town
Entrance Mats + Grids, Helix® at Naf Naf Grill
Decorative Walls, Arterra Brick in a Retail Store
Wall Protection, Acrovyn by Design® at Core Green
Decorative Walls, Arterra Deco in a Hotel Guestroom
Entrance Mats + Grids, Recycled Rubber Flooring at Guitar Center
Acrovyn by Design® and Acrovyn® Doors in a hotel hallway

Every space is an experience.

We believe in creating beautiful, functional, and engaging spaces that inspire people to experience the real world and connect with humanity. Transform your retail, restaurant, or hotel's brand vision into reality through a space that gets people out into the world where they can create their most memorable experiences.


Brands and design firms within the retail and hospitality spaces

are served by our market focused division Impact Specialties.


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Project: Heinen's Grocery
Products: Acrovyn Wall Panels and Entrance Mats
Project: Nike
Products: Entrance Grids
Project: TRYP Hotel
Products: Acrovyn by Design
Project: McDonald's
Products: Entrance Mats
Project: MC Sports
Project: Vine and Barley