Data centers bring life to an organization. It is critical that you choose the right partner for your project to ensure optimal results.

We understand the sensitivity of data centers and their importance to an organization. One single drop of water can leave a long trail of impact. This is not the time to compromise.


When it comes to constructing a data center, the two most important factors are getting the work done quickly and making sure the design you choose will protect the computing equipment. We can help you excel at both. To effectively fit your project, we provide exceptional engineering expertise and drawings, manufacture large sections of louvers for a quick and secure installation, and offer short lead times for delivery.

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Why Choose CS?


Exceptional Engineering + Drawings
Our engineering drawings provide the level of detail you need to ensure world-class construction, for this project and projects to come. We can anticipate challenges and proactively provide solutions based on our decades of experience.


Larger Sections
One size does not fit all - when it comes to data center projects and when it comes to protecting valuable electrical equipment. Our ability to manufacture larger sections of louvers to fit the needs of our clients sets us apart. While competitors limit the size of their louvers, we can build sections up to 15 feet long, reducing costs and installation time.


Short Lead Times
Not only does our work on the front end ultimately save you time, we also deliver our products quickly. Our average data center fabrication process takes just six months, from order placement to shipping. Our typical lead time is less than eight weeks, and we deliver architectural drawings within four weeks.

If you have an architectural project that requires a high-performance solution, we would be happy to work with you and your team. Contact us to learn more about the projects we tailor for superior data center construction.
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Louvers Gallery

To protect the privacy and security of our clients, we don't show images of data centers that we've helped construct. But here are examples of the types of louvers that can make a critical difference in your next data center project.

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