Wilshire Grand


AC Martin wanted to design LA’s newest skyscraper with the public’s benefit in mind. They envisioned floor-to-ceiling glass panels extending from the foundation to simulate movement and allow natural light to penetrate the building’s interior. The team visualized glass curtains for the skylight above the entrance that incorporated customizable curves and dimensional shapes capable of bearing unpredictable structural shifts.

It was important for AC Martin to use products that would provide a stunning visual to the building’s exterior as well as resiliency within the infrastructure to withstand a potential seismic event.  


Wilshire Grand Center brings a new age of architectural intrigue to LA by overcoming design obstacles that were once considered insurmountable; being the tallest building in the world built on such seismically sensitive ground. The AC Martin design team designated CS architectural louvers and seismic expansion joint covers to meet the project’s complex design requirements.

CS expansion joint cover panels were custom fabricated, allowing them to be incorporated within the compound curve of the glass atrium, which has become the structure's signature element. Additionally, CS' boldline louvers met the desired aesthetic with their mix of bold and shallow blades painted different colors for Wilshire Grand Center’s exterior and allowed the mechanical HVAC equipment to function properly. Installed on both the podium and tower, the louver system had to be customized to fit into the curtain wall.

The head-to-toe windows shimmer in the daylight and are illuminated at night, and the unique curved top transforms the city’s skyline. Wilshire Grand Center now matches the energetic ambiance that LA radiates and earns its place as the tallest building in history to be built on an earthquake hot zone. 

Project: Wilshire Grand

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Architect: AC Martin

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Los Angeles' captivating lifestyle and endless opportunities are why people gravitate to this mecca of culture and tourism in California. Adding to its appeal, LA is now home to the tallest building west of the Mississippi – Wilshire Grand Center. Located in the heart of downtown LA, this 73-story structure stands 1,100 feet tall, and includes a 900-room InterContinental hotel, five restaurants, and 677,000 square feet of Class A office space. It also features an alluring, glass skylight atrium, which cascades like an elevated waterfall above the entrance.


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