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Miami Shopping Center


This Arquitectonica creation needed exterior protection that would be weather resistant in Miami’s aggressive climate where high winds and heavy rain are imminent threats. The products needed to funnel water away from delicate parts of the building that would be sensitive to water damage. The products also had to integrate perfectly with the building’s façade and match the desired high-end aesthetic that Miami is known for.

The design team needed an expansion joint cover system that would blend seamlessly into the building and shift effortlessly with the building’s natural movements. Patrons would need to be protected without realizing the functionality under their feet.


To achieve their goals, Arquitectonica’s design team selected several CS architectural louvers and a state-of-the-art seismic expansion joint cover system. CS’ project management team, including Bob Vogel and Dominic Asante, worked extensively with various contractors to ensure the products were manufactured to their exact specifications and installed correctly. The louvers are Miami-Dade County-certified and successfully achieve standards related to their impact, pressure and cyclical testing criteria. They are strong enough to provide protection from 170 PSF hurricane force winds and missile blasts, plus 100% rain protection. This certified protection from windborne debris and related impacts is integral to shielding the equipment sheltered behind the louver blades. The seismic expansion joint covers were selected because of their movement capabilities that would assist the building in moving gracefully during extreme weather conditions. Though this area is not known for earthquakes, the high winds and aggressive weather patterns of Miami dictated that seismic expansion joint covers would be the ideal choice. This beautiful multi-building complex opened after much anticipation to major acclaim from the Miami community in late 2016. With custom CS product solutions, the facility and its patrons will be standing strong and enjoying this amenity-packed destination for years to come.

Project: Miami Shopping Center

Location: Miami, FL

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Construction Specialties (CS) designed several louver models and a hidden expansion joint cover system for an expansive mixed-use complex in downtown Miami, FL that includes two residential towers, two office buildings, the EAST®, Miami Hotel and an array of shopping and dining options. This building is LEED®- registered for Neighborhood Development. All buildings in this complex are connected via a $30 million Climate Ribbon, an element that is both an art piece and a functional walkway.


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