Heart Hospital of New Mexico


Hartman + Majewski Design Group and HHNM knew it was necessary to ensure the hospital’s nearly 2,200-squarefoot hybrid operating suite met rigorous standards for optimizing safety, care coordination and efficiency for staff and patients. The operating room may be used for multiple procedures each day, so surgical teams must be able to quickly clean and prep the space after each operation.

The team wanted to showcase calming, coinciding imagery to create a welcoming and soothing environment for its patients. Because the hospital planned to broadcast live procedures to other medical professionals from the new hybrid operating room, it was also important to combine the hospital’s branding with the pleasing visuals to make the room camera-ready.


The design team took advantage of Acrovyn by Design’s ability to integrate any logo, brand or image to incorporate the hospital’s unique branding. They achieved this using floor-to-ceiling walls of Acrovyn by Design, which were tailored to display the hospital’s patient-centered branding in a soothing way.

“Acrovyn by Design provides the means to elegantly integrate our brand into the architecture of the suite, which is ideal when medical procedures are globally broadcast,” said Elisa Gugerty, director of cardiovascular labs for Lovelace Medical Center.

HHNM’s hybrid suite allows maximum flexibility for both simple and complex procedures and is adaptable for a myriad of future uses. “Cleanliness within the operating room environment is critical. Acrovyn by Design provides a surface on all walls that can be easily scrubbed down,” said Gugerty.

“Customization was an essential factor in the design of the suite,” said Randall Marshall, vice president of creative services for Kilmer Kilmer Marshall Duran, the project’s creative agency. “We wanted to incorporate the well-known Lovelace daisy with a soft palette of colors to help patients feel calm and very well cared for. In addition, we were required to provide an easy-to-clean, durable wall solution. With Acrovyn by Design, we have a product that delivers creative and customized branding as well as timeless durability.”

Project: Heart Hospital of New Mexico

Location: Albuquerque, NM

Architect: Hartman + Majewski Design Group

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The directors at the Heart Hospital of New Mexico (HHNM) at Lovelace Medical Center focus on providing quality care for cardiac patients.  To continue their award-winning work, HHNM administrators collaborated with the Hartman + Majewski Design Group to transform an office space into an advanced hybrid suite that includes an operating room and an observation theater.
The room features a GE Discovery IGS 740 imaging system, which utilizes 3D medical imaging to help plan, guide and assess surgery in real time. The system can be positioned almost anywhere in the operating room without cables or mounting points and allows staff at HHNM to perform complex procedures with freedom of mobility and precision.


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