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Expansion Joint Cover LAF2G
We are improving one of our most popular models, our LAF-flush mounted and LAS-surface mounted systems. The new and unique panel attachment design allows for thermal expansion and disengages during a seismic event without impacting surrounding substrates.
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Designed to hide large openings and blend with adjacent finish options, the XLS-2G is a re-engineered system with a modular design and lightweight magnets. This second generation of XLS is all about modularity and efficiency.
Expansion Joint Cover LSRR
The LSRR (Lateral Shear Roof to Roof) and LSRW (Lateral Shear Roof to Wall) is engineered to have the look of the SRJ/W series, but the functionality and performance of the MARR/MARC system and work perfectly for joint openings 8"-24".


Solving complex movement challenges

No company can come close to our experience and expertise handling complex projects. From standard 1" solutions to highly engineered seismic joint systems for sky bridges and base isolated structures, CS can design, test and fabricate custom expansion joint cover assemblies to meet your project needs.

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Seismic Corridor System (MACC) Cycle Test
In this video, our Multi-Axial Corridor Cover (MACC) system is tested for seismic movement in all directions.

Our Expansion Joint Solutions

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The CS Expansion Joint Systems Difference

Expansion Joint Floor Cover
Choose the right cover system


Only we can prove our solutions will work for your specific project requirements.



Our expansion joint systems and solutions go through a rigorous series of in-house cycle testing so you don’t have to worry about failures after installation.


Fire tested, peace of mind. When it comes to fire testing, our solutions must pass a series of cycle tests prior to surviving the inferno.


Wind can be a devastating opponent in certain locations. We can prove that our solutions can withstand the strongest winds at our in-house wind tunnel.

Wear and Tear
Wear and Tear

Let's face the facts, floor covers take some serious abuse. Our solutions are subjected to the necessary rolling load tests to ensure performance even in the heaviest traffic areas.

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Seismic Corridor Cycle Test

Learn more about the critical process behind testing and installing expansion joint systems for floors, walls, ceilings, roofs, and fire barrier.  Understanding the proper protocols when it comes to seismic joint cover installation is crucial to pass inspection, as well as to ensure safety. Watch the Construction Specialties videos to learn more about expansion joint systems testing and installation.


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Better Solutions

As one of the leading expansion joint manufacturers, we understand that every project has its own special movement criteria, and that one of our standard designs may not be right for your project. We have a team of technical experts that can work with you to design a custom seismic joint system that meets your project’s specific requirements.

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Expansion Joints Covers Custom Stair Risers and Treads


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