Fire Barrier

Our fire barrier fits joint openings 1" and up.

Our fire and vapor barrier systems are designed to be used with most of our expansion joint cover assemblies. All fire barrier systems have been tested by a reputable third party.

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Reflex® 1" - 4"

Stainless steel foil drape with block insulation affords maximum economy in material and insulation. Wall barriers require no stainless foil drape.

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FB97 13" and up

Multiple drape configurations of stainless foil and insulation utilize air pockets for additional insulation performance. Sliding frame is available for 200% lateral shear applications in floors.

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Vapor Barrier

Our vapor barrier systems can be placed under or behind select expansion joint covers in exterior applications where protection from environmental elements needs to be maintained.

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Thermal Vapor Barrier

Our thermal vapor barrier can be used horizontally or vertically in applications where insulated environmental protection needs to be maintained. Available with thermal R-values of R13, R19 and R30.

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General Considerations: What fire rating are you trying for?
• Be sure to select the appropriately UL listed product for the application
• Check that your job site conditions are the same as the UL Listing

Floor Installation Prep: Are your concrete surfaces properly prepared?
• Surface mounted covers require a square, clean joint
• Blockouts must be level for recessed covers
• Set the substrate at the correct elevation prior to the fire barrier installation

Wall Installation Prep: Are your substrates finished correctly?
• Drywall must be installed on the inside of the joint
• Joint edges must be parallel to one another
• Be sure the proper blocking connection points are made, if applicable
  (Typically needed in 2 hour rating situations)
• Be mindful of floor fire barriers above and below for proper transitioning

4" Floor-to-Wall Reflex® (RFX) Installation
Performing an expansion joint cover transition from floor to wall is not an easy task, but with the help of our video and some practice, you will be able to master the RFX 4" floor-to-wall transition.
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