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Pedimat® entrance matting at Evan Williams Bourbon Experience

Proven effective in thousands of buildings worldwide.

Keep floors clean and enhance entranceways with the industry-proven Pedimat entry mat system. Pedimat entrance matting is engineered for quiet performance, thanks to the combination of lightweight rails and strong aluminum hinge connectors, allowing them to be rolled up for easy cleaning and maintenance. These long-lasting entry mats can be recessed or surface mounted, and are available in an exceptional array of finish options to match any décor.


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Our Entrance Matting Products

Pedimat M1 Entry Mat

Quiet, colorful and highly effective at stopping dirt. Combination vinyl/acrylic rails and aluminum hinge connectors offer maximum performance in high traffic entrances.
Pedimat M1 Entry Mat

Pedimat All Aluminum M2 Entry Mat

Durable all aluminum rails for use outside. Aluminum rails are designed to handle all exterior applications.
Pedimat All Aluminum M2 Entry Mat
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Static Coefficient of Friction (Based on carpet insert)
Rolling Lead Capacity (Per wheel)
350 lb
Scraping Ability
Carpet or abrasive inserts most effective
High capacity
Drying Shoes
Carpet inserts most effective
LEED® IEQ Credit 5 Contribution (Pollutant Source Control)
LEED® MR Credit 4 Contribution (Recycled Content)

The Entrance Matting System

The Pedimat Benefit

Pedimat entry mats roll back for easy cleaning

Remove collected dirt by rolling back the unit and collecting the debris trapped underneath.

Flexible mounting options

Both Pedimat models can be recessed mounted or surface mounted.

Customize Pedimat Entry Mats For Odd-Shaped Spaces

Custom Pedimats
We have the tools and expertise to ensure your entry mat is a perfect fit, even in odd-shaped spaces. Completely customize your entrance matting whether your space calls for revolving door cutouts, notched sections or a non-traditional shape. Our trained field technicians are available to take laser measurements and collaborate with our factory experts. Template kits and step-by-step instructions are also available for those looking to provide their own measurements.

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Project: Niketown
Pedimat (M1)
Project: Lee House
Pedimat (M1)
Project: MetroCentre
Pedimat (M1)

Entry Mat Rail and Insert Options


Recycled Rubber

Abrasive Tape

Rail & Frame Finishes

Black Rubber

Serrated Aluminum

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Entrance Matting Frame/Mounting Options*

Tapered Angle

Carpet Transition

Level Base

Surface Mounted


No Frame

* Mill, powder coat and anodized rail and frame finishes are available.

The Benefits Of Entrance Flooring Systems

Rolling load capabilities

CS Entrance Flooring Mats and Grids ensure that all rolling loads can travel through an entrance with ease, which is paramount to a building's functionality.
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Meeting ADA requirements

As established industry experts, we know the rules and regulations for building safety.
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Expert product selection

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