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You should be able to lean on your manufacturer. The CS Entrance Mats + Grids team is proud to be the installer's solution for a variety of installation and site preparation issues. You don't have to face your project alone - we're here to provide expert assistance whenever you need us.

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We have a variety of documents available to assist you. Browse the options below for information on product pricing, labor times, field measurement services, CAD details, installation instructions and more. Check back often, as these resources will be updated periodically.

  • icon-video Installation Instruction Videos

    Our new installation instruction videos are the ultimate companion to our written instructions. Browse our video collection and become familiar with installing a wide array of CS entrance flooring models. Check back often, as we will be updating our video archive periodically.

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  • icon-product-pricing-guide Product Pricing Guide

    We know how important it is to have a quick, easy access to model-specific pricing and labor estimates in a fast-paced construction environment. We want to provide a variety of tools to help you more accurately prepare a timely bid.

    This Product Pricing Guide provides installers with a general price estimate per square foot related to our specific models. One or more of these may be specified or required by an architect or owner. The price per square foot can be multiplied by the total square feet required of the specified entrance flooring system.

    Product Pricing Guide*

    Disclaimer: Entrance flooring model prices shown below are calculated per square foot and based on the use of standard carpet tread inserts and mill finish rails. Frame prices are calculated per lineal foot and based on level base or tapered angel frames. Other tread (recycled rubber, poured abrasive, et al.), finish (anodized, powder coat), frame (deep pit, pipe stem, et al.) options and any cutting associated with odd-shaped units will result in an increased cost per square or lineal foot. Please contact the factory or your local representative for a more accurate price or quotation.

    Entrance Flooring Model Price/sq.ft. Frame price /lineal ft.
    Pedimat® (M1) $25 $3
    Pedimat® AA (M2) $27 $3
    Pedigrid® (G1) $33 $6
    PediTred® LP (G3) $32 $3
    PediTred® (G4) $40 $3
    PediTred® SA (G7) $40 $3
    Pedigrid® SA (G8) $35 $6
    GridLine® (G6) † ‡ $95 $8
    GridLine® 2 (G6P) † ‡ $100 $8
    Helix® Z1 (HZ1) $18 $3
    Helix® Z2 (HZ2) $30 $3
    DesignStep™ -Roll (BR-R)§ $5 $3
    DesignStep™ -Tile (BR-T)§ $6 $3

    *Please contact the factory for square foot pricing on Floormations® and Floorometry® products.

    † Denotes depth of 1-1/8"

    ‡ Denotes hidden lockdown

    § Adhesive required—add $38/gallon to cover 135 sq.ft.

  • icon-labor-estimate-guide Labor Estimate Guide

    We know how important it is to have quick, easy access to model-specific pricing and labor estimates in a fast-paced construction environment. We want to provide a variety of tools to help you more accurately prepare a timely bid.

    This Labor Estimate Guide provides installers with an estimated hourly time allotment based on a standard, predetermined rectangular mat unit size. This hourly labor estimate can be used to calculate the potential installation time.

    The hourly time may need to be adjusted based on specific project needs.

    Labor Estimate Guide*

    Disclaimer: Hours shown below are estimates only. They are based on a standard rectangular entrance flooring unit (without cuts) of 10’ x 10’ traffic direction and a level base or tapered angle frame. These hours are for material installation only and do not include any site preparation such as framing, squaring or pouring a recess. Units with additional items (cuts, deep pit frames, et al.) will require more labor hours. Reference our installation instructions and videos for a more detailed explanation.

    Entrance Flooring Model Time/100 sq. ft. Level Base Frames Time/100 sq. ft. Tapered Angle Frames
    Pedimat® (M1) (M2) 3 hrs. 1.5 hrs.
    Pedigrid® (G1) (G8) 3 hrs. n/a
    PediTred® LP (G3) 3 hrs. 1.5 hrs.
    PediTred® (G4) (G7) 3 hrs. 1.5 hrs.
    GridLine® (G6) 10 hrs. n/a
    GridLine® 2 (G6P)(C/RR)(R)(SN) 8 hrs. n/a
    Helix® (Z1) (Z2) 4 hrs. 2 hrs.

    **Tapered Angle (TNG) Frames versus Level Base (LB) Frames

    The chart above shows a significant difference in installation time between Level Base Frames and Tapered Angle Frames. Tapered Angle frames were designed to reduce both installation and material costs by eliminating the need for self-leveling grout between the frame legs. Below are some advantages for choosing TNG over LB frames:

    • Save 50% in the amount of time spent on installation
    • Utilize a shallower recess depth
    • Install quickly using just masonry anchors
    • Do not require additional grout to level recess
    • Provide a clean edge transition between the mat and adjacent flooring

    TNG frames are available with Pedimat (M1/M2), Helix (Z1/Z2), PediTred LP (G3) and PediTred (G4/G7) models.

  • icon-field-measurement-services Field Measurement Services

    Regardless of your entrance flooring project size, the field measuring process to determine final sizes for production will be required. Some installers prefer to provide their own measurements to the manufacturer, while others are more comfortable with our experts completing the task. Listed below are services available to our installers.

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