Our most economical interlocking modular tiles.

Helix is a modular entry mat system of 12" x 9" x 7/16" tiles that snap together and is held down with hidden connectors. Our HZ1 and HZ2 models can be surface-mounted or recessed-mounted to provide exceptional protection to the rest of your interior. Slip-resistant and durable, Helix is available in three colors with or without heavy duty carpet inserts. Helix can handle rolling loads up to 600 pounds and stand up to the day-to-day demands of any facility including heavy foot traffic, equipment and fluctuating weather conditions. With exceptional fall-through capabilities, Helix entrance mats trap dirt and debris at the door without being high-maintenance.


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Our Entrance Matting Products

Helix HZ1

Helix HZ1 is a modular interlocking tile system made from recyclable UV resistant rubber & vinyl compound. This dimensional, stable tile will not shrink or gap. HZ1 effectively scrapes dirt and other debris from incoming foot traffic.

Helix HZ1

Helix HZ2

Helix HZ2 incorporates durable carpet strips into our interlocking tile design. This allows for an enhanced drying and scraping system. The rubber/vinyl compound is dimensionally stable in all environmental conditions.
Helix HZ2
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Static Coefficient of Friction (Based on carpet insert)
Rolling Load Capacity (Per wheel)
600 lb
Scraping Ability
Carpet or abrasive inserts most effective
High capacity
Drying Shoes
Carpet inserts most effective
LEED® IEQ Credit 5 Contribution (Pollutant Source Control)
LEED® MR Credit 4 Contribution (Recycled Content)


Project: Aldi
Products: Helix Z2
Project: Burlington Coat Factory
Products: Helix Z1
Project: Rochdale Exchange
Products: Helix Z2
Project: Rochdale Exchange
Products: Helix Z2
Project: Mall Luton
Helix HZ1 and HZ2
Project: Dick's Sporting Goods
Products: Helix Z2

Entry Mat Insert and Finish Options





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Entrance Matting Frame/Mounting Options*

Tapered Angle

Carpet Transition

Level Base

Surface Mounted


No Frame

* Mill, powder coat and anodized rail and frame finishes are available.

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