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It's the designer's choice for entrance flooring. It not only performs, it enhances your entrance and the critical first impression it makes. Floormations Specialty Flooring is the new way to stop tracked-in dirt, debris and water from entering your building that looks like nothing that has come before. With eight exciting styles, many surface options and even the ability to inspire your own design, creating a dramatic entrance has never been easier.


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Our Specialty Flooring Patterns


Customizable squares of carpet or recycled rubber inserts are nestled between aluminum slots in this unique entrance flooring system pattern.


Retro-inspired radial patterns in this solid aluminum specialty flooring can be cut to different depths for a more aggressive tread.


Squares of your choice of customizable inserts are centered in aluminum grid outlines for a bold approach.


Triangular shapes, which can be filled with a variety of inserts, are separated by large lines of aluminum framework in this pattern.


This all-aluminum Floormations pattern features a close-knit design of vertical and horizontal shapes to set your entrance flooring system apart from others.


This pattern takes inspiration from a repetitive wheel design with the majority of the focal point being either heavy-duty carpet or recycled rubber inserts.


This hexagonal design can use heavy-duty carpet or recycled rubber insert options to dazzle visitors in this specialty entrance flooring choice.

Cross Hatch

Long rectangular boxes are able to be filled with heavy-duty carpet or recycled rubber inserts of your choice with sturdy aluminum lines to add definition.
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Static Coefficient of Friction (Based on carpet insert)
0.6 - 1.1
Rolling Load Capacity (Per wheel)
300 lb
Scraping Ability
Carpet or recycled rubber most effective


Right Image Transit
Left Image Kinetic


Project: WEDGE International Tower
Floormations - Pinwheel
Project: Shippensburg University
Floormations - Honeycomb

Floor Design Flexibility

Floormations specialty floor patterns can be modified to suit your project's visual requirements. A change in scale, as shown, is one example of our ability to create the right specialty flooring for your project. Contact us to discuss specialty flooring options and feasibility.

Customer-Inspired Floor Designs

Select from our collection of designs, or envision your own as shown at the right. Our Floormations team will evaluate your design and work together to ensure a finished floor that looks great and performs.

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Specialty Flooring Mounting Options

Specialty Flooring Insert Options


Recycled Rubber

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