Heavy-duty carpet mats that won't roll or buckle

DesignStep is a heavy-duty entrance carpeting option that won't roll or buckle. DesignStep is designed to drastically reduce the amount of soil and moisture tracked into your building. Use this long-lasting carpet application in a zone system paired with other types of CS entrance flooring, or use by itself to help your interior floors look their best while reducing maintenance costs. With a variety of color options, DesignStep walk-off carpet systems are available in rolls, tiles or mats, and can be easily modified to fit the exact proportions of your building entrance. Each carpet texture is 3/8" thick and available in eight different colors. Perfect for displaying your logo at building entrances, DesignStep is also available with custom graphics to vividly showcase your brand for years.


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Entrance Carpet Options

DesignStep Carpet Mats
Carpet Mats
DesignStep Carpet Rolls
Carpet Rolls
DesignStep Carpet Tiles
Carpet Tiles
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Entrance Carpet Pattern Options

DesignStep Duration DRTN
Duration DRTN
Duration's multi-ribbed pattern is an ideal way to reduce dirt and water from being tracked into buildings. Made of heavy duty polypropylene, Duration carpeting provides aggressive scraping and drying action.
Details and Specs
DesignStep Power Point PWPT
Power Point PWPT
Power Point, a thick Berber pattern, effectively scrapes and dries incoming foot traffic and helps keep interior floors clean. This aggressive entrance carpeting can be surface- or recess-mounted for a seamless transition, and can be easily paired with other entrance mats and grids.
Details and Specs
DesignStep Diagonal

DesignStep Diagonal carpet tiles’ 100% UV-stable and durable construction provides long-lasting scraping and drying coverage. Diagonal is a resilient, light-weight DesignStep choice with a non-skid Bitumen backing and face weight of 38 oz/yd. Its heavy-denier construction absorbs water and dries quickly with aggressive scraping texture to keep dirt and moisture away from interior floors.

Details and Specs
DesignStep Supernal

Supernal is our strongest carpet tile option with a face weight of 60 oz./yd. Its heavy denier construction provides aggressive scraping action, absorbs water, and dries quickly to keep interiors clean while its Bitumen backing makes the tile slip-resistant. Supernal’s color options are designed to complement the design of your space, in addition to concealing dirt and stains.

Details and Specs
DesignStep Vellus

Offered in roll or tile, Vellus carpet is heavy denier with UV-resistant fibers that are ideal to prevent dirt and water from being tracked into your facility. Vellus brings a soft and natural texture to a space without sacrificing performance or durability.

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Entrance Carpet Color Options

900 Castle Gray
900 Castle Gray*
903 Sandstone
903 Sandstone
904 Indigo
904 Indigo
905 Wrought Iron
905 Wrought Iron*
909 Hunter Green
909 Hunter Green
933 Cocoa
933 Cocoa*
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Now Available With Inlaid Logos and Graphics

design step

DesignStep Logo mats
CS DesignStep inlaid logo mats and grids are designed to stop dirt and water at the door and look great doing it. Used in tens of thousands of buildings worldwide, all DesignStep carpeted mats and grids can be ordered with custom inlaid logos and graphics. Available in 24 designer carpet colors, each logo is precision cut. No dyes or dangerous chemicals are used in our logo process and the logo will remain vivid for years to come.
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