More than entrance flooring, it's art for your floor.

Floorometry is a revolutionary modular flooring system that offers designers stunning aesthetics and exceptional performance as well as easy installation and maintenance. Architects and interior designers can choose from three completely unique modular flooring systems that feature dozens of exciting surface options or create a unique mix and match style for your building entrance.


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Our Modular Flooring Products

Floorometry 101
Floorometry 101
CS Floorometry 101 standard stainless steel grids are 18" x 18" entrance floor tile modules that can be specified with or without a geometric pattern.
Floorometry 101
Floorometry 201
Floorometry 201
Simply beautiful, this stainless steel modular floor tile offers the ultimate in scraping dirt, mud and snow from shoes and is available in three stunning patterns
Floorometry 201
Floorometry 401
Floorometry 401
Floorometry 401 allows you to match your floor surface in a removable custom modular flooring system with enhanced performance
Floorometry 401
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Floorometry Patterns and Insert Options


201 Flat
201 Basket
201 Zipper
Static Coefficient of Friction Slip Resistance (Wet)
Maximum Rolling Load Capacity (Per wheel)
500 lb
500 lb
500 lb
500 lb
Minimum 250 lb
LEED® IEQ Credit 5 Contribution (Pollutant Source Control)
LEED® MR Credit 4 Contribution (Recycled Content)

Beauty on the Surface, Innovation Below

No other modular entrance flooring option gives you:
main floorometry.jpg

Easy To Clean

easy to clean.jpg

Mechanical lock down allows panels to be removed for easy cleaning Floorometry modular tile surfaces can be removed from their permanent base to allow access to dirt and water.


Floorometry Performs As Beautifully As It Looks

Floorometry Safe sure footing for the slenderest of heels
Safe sure footing for the slenderest of heels
All Floormetry modular flooring has been engineered to provide safe footing for even the highest of heels.
Floorometry Designed for rolling loads
Designed for rolling loads

All Floorometry products are designed to withstand high rolling loads. Our Floorometry 101 modular flooring system accommodates rolling loads up to 500 lb per wheel.


Floorometry Scrapes and traps dirt
Scrapes and traps dirt
Floorometry modular tile surfaces include drainage holes to allow dirt to fall through the recess below.
Floorometry Slip resistance
Slip resistance
For stone surfaces, CS provides a highly effective slip-resistant coating and can add serrations to the material when requested.

Floorometry Installs Just Like Tile

installs just like tile.jpg

Floorometry modular flooring components are delivered fully assembled and are ready to be installed like tile. Simply spread epoxy cement on the sub-floor and set the modular tiles in place.

Custom Radiusing /End Conditions

custom radius.jpg

Floorometry modular entrance floor tiles can be manufactured to meet any floor conditions including custom radii around revolving doors or at end walls. Manufactured to exact specifications, the 18" x 18" Floorometry tiles are delivered cut, banded and ready to install. For complete information including onsite template preparation, contact a Floorometry specialist to tell us about your project.

The Benefits Of Entrance Flooring Systems

Rolling Load Capabilities
What Are Rolling Loads?
CS Entrance Flooring Mats and Grids ensure that all rolling loads can travel through an entrance with ease, which is paramount to a building's functionality.
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Meeting ADA Requirements
Achieving ADA Requirements
As established industry experts, we know the rules and regulations for building safety.
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Expert Product Selection
How to Pick Entrance Flooring
Learn about what items should be on your checklist before choosing an entrance flooring product.
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