High style that's now easier to install!

GridLine Entrance Grid Systems offer more design options than any other manufacturer, and now installs 40% faster. This high-end, heavy-duty grid system is the most effective at removing debris and providing a permanent and integrated solution to tracked-in dirt and water. GridLine protects interior flooring and carpets from the damaging effects of tracked-in moisture by trapping incoming dirt and debris from pedestrian shoes.  

Designers and owners love the high-tech appearance of the satin finish, and building owners love the durability of stainless steel combined with easy maintenance.  Now contractors and installers will love the easy factory-installed lockdown tabs, which eliminate difficult alignment and onsite assembly.    This simple design significantly reduces the complexity of the traditional industry approach, saving time and money.

GridLine is a sustainable choice that uses high-quality materials to create exceptional traction.  Its remarkable scraping action is also available in a wider rail GridLine 2 option for even more uses and custom applications.


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Improve Installation Time By 40%

Our Entrance Grid Products

This grid is an architectural, stainless steel grille with a high-tech appearance. Rolling load tested to 1000 lbs, this 304 stainless steel grid is available in 3/8", 5/8" and 1-1/8" depths.
Details and Specs
GridLine 2
A variation on our popular G6 architectural grille that offers a wider profile surface wire, straight bar supports and satin finished type 304 stainless steel. Available in 5/8" and 1-1/8" depths.
Details and Specs
G62 Gridline stainless steel entrance flooring with carpet inserts
GridLine 2 with Carpet
An architectural entrance grid that offers a wider profile bar, carpet inserts for additional debris removal, U-clip support structure, satin finished type 304 stainless steel and the same great performance as original Gridline. Available in 7/8" and 1-1/8" depths.
Details and Specs
GridLine 2 Radius Rail
A radiused architectural grid that offers a wider profile bar, U-clip support structure, satin finished type 304 stainless steel and the same great appearance and performance as original Gridline. Available in 5/8", 3/4" and 1-1/8" depths.
Details and Specs
G62 Gridline stainless steel entrance flooring with recycled rubber inserts
GridLine 2 with Recycled Rubber
An architectural entrance grid that offers a wider profile bar, ECOsurfaces® recycled rubber tread inserts, U-clip support structure and the same great performance as original GridLine. Available in 7/8" and 1-1/8" depths.
Details and Specs
GridLine 2 with SlipNot™
An architectural entrance grid that offers a wider profile bar, SlipNot metal coating inserts for maximum slip resistance and U-channel support structure. Available in 7/8", and 1-1/8” depths.
Details and Specs
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GridLine and Gridline 2
Static Coefficient of Friction
Rolling Load Capacity (Per wheel)
500 - 1000 lb (model specific)
Scraping Ability
Best grid at removing debris
Drying Shoes
LEED® IEQ Credit 5 Contribution (Pollutant Source Control)
LEED® MR Credit 4 Contribution (Recycled Content)


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The GridLine Benefit

Scrape shoes effectively
No architectural grid system scrapes mud or snow from shoes better than CS GridLine.
Type 304 Stainless Steel
CS uses Type 304 Stainless Steel so GridLine can be both strong and stunning in your entryway. Type 316 Stainless Steel is available.

GridLine + Beyond the Entrance


For years, GridLine has been the industry standard for high performance and style in stainless steel entrance grid flooring. Now, stainless steel grids are going beyond entrance flooring into new and innovative applications. Architects and designers have used our stainless steel grids to create air return grilles, wall and ceiling accents, exterior facade panels details, sunshades, gates and more.

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Gridline Insert Options

Recycled Rubber
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Customize Gridline For Odd-Shaped Spaces


Custom GridLine
We have tools and expertise to ensure your grid is a perfect fit, even in odd-shaped spaces. Completely customize your stainless-grid whether your space calls for revolving door cutouts, notched sections or a non-traditional shape. Our trained field technicians are available to take laser measurements and collaborate with our factory experts. Template kits and step-by-step instructions are also available for those looking to provide their own measurements.


Don't Face Your Project Alone

Do you need help with your installation? Our Installer's Resource Center will help guide you through any installation and site preparation issues.


Entrance Flooring Considerations

What Are Rolling Loads?
CS Entrance Flooring Mats and Grids ensure that all rolling loads can travel through an entrance with ease, which is paramount to a building's functionality.
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Achieving ADA Requirements
As established industry experts, we know the rules and regulations for building safety.
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How to Pick Entrance Flooring
Learn about what items should be on your checklist before choosing an entrance flooring product.
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