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CS has been innovating entrance flooring for over 45 years, providing the largest portfolio of beautiful options to protect your entrance which include mat systems, grid systems, modular tile systems, specialty flooring, anti-fatigue flooring and architectural accents. Explore what solutions are the right fit for your project, to reduce maintenance costs while keeping your building occupants safe.


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Our Entrance Flooring Systems

Entrance Mat Systems
These versatile architectural products cover high-traffic areas at a building’s entrance. Entrance mat systems were created to scrape dirt and debris from pedestrians’ shoes and trap dirt beneath the system’s surface.
Entrance Mat Systems
Entrance Grid Systems
These durable architectural products are installed at high-traffic areas in or near building entrances. Entrance grid systems are ideal because of their ability to trap dirt from pedestrian shoes under its surface for future cleaning.
Entrance Grid Systems
Stainless Steel Grids
The monumental entrance system. High performance meets high style in this monolithic grid system made from the finest stainless steel. It's also available radiused and with three tread options.
Stainless Steel Grids
This entrance flooring option was made by designers, for designers. The level of customization available in this product line is sure to please creatives and building owners alike. This product has customizable fall-through options as well and can be either recessed or surface mounted.
Architectural Accents
This heavy-duty, stainless steel grid system is a twist on our traditional GridLine® products, and can be used in a variety of applications inside and outside a building, exterior facade panels, sunshades, landscape art and air return grilles.
Architectural Accents
Custom Entrance Flooring

Any of our entrance flooring models can be stretched to their creative limits through technology, material, and shape customization to produce works of art that are the pinnacle of function.

Custom Entrance Flooring
Entrance Logo Mats + Grids

Design your mats and grids exactly as you want them while still stopping dirt and water at the door. Our process is safe and your logo will remain vivid for years.

Entrance Logo Mats + Grids
Installer's Resource Center

The CS Entrance Mats + Grids team is proud to be the installer’s solution for a variety of installation and site preparation issues. We have a variety of documents available to assist you.

Installer's Resource Center
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The CS Difference

  • 2c629080e1fb4ba5a8dce069742b41c2?v=37c7f29d Innovation

    CS invented integrated entrance flooring and has been introducing new and innovative products for over 45 years. From the introduction of the world's first commercial entry mat system, Pedigrid® in 1968, to the world's first computer-milled and -designed system, Floormations®, in 2015, CS Entrance Flooring Mats + Grids has been on the cutting edge of both beauty and performance.


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  • 867be8dc0e3e456e8819efc53abf6135?v=40321b29 Design

    CS Entrance Flooring Mats + Grids are both elegant and enduring--beauty meets function. Create a memorable first impression with endless design options and solutions in four patented systems: Pedigrid, Pedimat®, our GridLine monolithic steel grids and Floormations.

  • ac8c87790ac54f02a59370c732434716?v=6df30907 Quality

    CS Entrance Mats + Grids are manufactured from only the best materials available, and provide long-lasting durability. Offering a wide variety of aesthetic solutions, exceptional performance and easy installation and maintenance, CS Entrance Flooring has proven to be effective in thousands of buildings worldwide. With a permanent solution to tracked in dirt and water, CS Entrance Flooring keeps building interiors clean and beautiful.

  • 4fbeaf30876d45a09219e0cde51d5361?v=e062e31f Unrivaled Customer Support

    Whether you need help with product selection or a fast quote or have an installation question, our customer service team is available whenever you need them. CS provides unrivaled customer support with the most expertly trained staff in the industry.

  • Our commitment to sustainability drives our innovation. CS has been a leader throughout the construction industry in developing products that not only look good but also perform well beyond sustainability standards. In 2011, we introduced the industry's first on-product transparency label and since then have had many models achieve stringent certifications from the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute.


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  • a1c9721a124a412ba1b05986239b86d5?v=8d8f7663 Safety

    As a building owner or professional designer, you know that injuries by or within your building are possible. One of the most important decisions that can be made to reduce that risk occurs at the front door of your facility. If you've specified entrance flooring, you've already taken steps to significantly reduce your liability.


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The Benefits Of Entrance Flooring Mats + Grids

How to Pick Entrance Flooring
Learn about what items should be on your checklist before choosing an entrance flooring product.
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How We Test Rolling Loads
We use a custom-built machine and several important variables to ensure our mats and grids are up to snuff.
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What Are Rolling Loads?
CS Entrance Flooring Mats and Grids ensure that all rolling loads can travel through an entrance with ease, which is paramount to a building's functionality.
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Heel-Proof Entrances
Our entrance mats and grids are heel-proof against even the most slender stilettos. 
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Achieving ADA Requirements
As established industry experts, we know the rules and regulations for building safety.
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Entrance Mats vs. Carpet Tile
Entrance flooring is designed to withstand the amount of daily traffic at building entrances better than carpet tiles.
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The Problem with Carpet Tiles
Carpet tiles, though sufficient in low-traffic areas, are not designed for high-traffic and weather-affected areas, such as main entrances.
Learn more

Partnering to Create Cutting Edge Solutions

We understand that every project has its own special criteria, and that one of our standard designs may not be right for your project. We have a team of technical experts that can work with you to design a custom entrance flooring system that meets your project's specific requirements.



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Why You Should Avoid Rental Mat Programs


Protecting Your Investments: Entrance Mats+ ROI


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