Acrovyn Doors–the right choice

Our Acrovyn Door is made with a sturdy inner core, clad in durable Acrovyn, and features rounded, field-replaceable stiles and edges for the ultimate in protection against heavy abuse. No other door with similar features can compare yet provide as many benefits and customizable elements. Found in hundreds of facilities worldwide, Acrovyn Doors are the impact-resistant choice for high-traffic areas.

Cheap doors aren’t so cheap.

Here is the real cost to buy and maintain 500 doors over a ten-year period. We conducted a life-cycle study among a number of leading hospitals throughout the United States to compare the total cost of the purchase and maintenance of 500 doors over a ten-year period. We included our Acrovyn Doors along with a wood veneer, hollow metal and plastic laminate doors in the study. The results of our in-depth analysis show that our doors would cost $800,000 less than wood doors and $250,000 less than plastic laminate.

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