The benefits of using an acrovyn door

The Acrovyn door boasts features, benefits and options that no other door can compare with.

Benefits of using an Acrovyn Door - Easy to Replace

Easy To Replace

Only Acrovyn Doors feature field replaceable edges and primary stiles.

See how.

Benefits of using an Acrovyn Door - Lifetime Warranty

Edge of a Lifetime Warranty

Only Acrovyn Doors will warranty the Acrovyn edge against damage for the lifetime of the door.

Download PDF.

bacterial and fungal resistant

Bacteria & Fungal Resistant

Bacteria & fungal resistant. For more information, download our PDF or please call 800.416.6586.
Benefits of using an Acrovyn Door - Tested


Acrovyn impact-rated Doors are tested to withstand 2,000,000 cycle slams--double the industry standard.

See impact tests.

Benefits of using an Acrovyn Door - Cleanability


Acrovyn can easily be cleaned with non-abrasive cleaners.

Learn more.

Benefits of using an Acrovyn Door - Cradle to Cradle

Cradle to Cradle

Only Acrovyn Doors are made of environmentally friendly, PVC-free material--standard at no extra charge. And our standard line of doors are now C2C Certified™ Silver.

The Difference

The Acrovyn Door redefined what an impact resistant door is.


Other doors have imitated it, none have even come close.
Before making your decision, consider the following: 


  • Aesthetics: how important is the appearance of your doors? 
  • Do you want a door that can prove it will hold up over the long haul? 
  • Cost: initial investment vs cost to maintain and replace? 
  • What technology and features are right for your facility? 
  • Do you want environmentally friendly products in your facility?

acrovyn door and frame system difference

About Acrovyn Doors

What Acrovyn means to you

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