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Inspired by nature’s beauty and completely exclusive to CS, our CSelect™ curtain fabrics are where quality protection meets style. This premium curtain fabric embodies soft and vibrant hues that reflect the earth’s natural elements - helping create calm, healing environments for patients, staff and visitors to enjoy. CSelect fabrics are available on various CS curtain + track systems, including HUSH® and On the Right Track® and now NEW disposables. With four pattern options and six colorways for a total of 24 unique combinations, this exclusive collection beautifully coordinates with other CS products and finishes. Privacy protection has never looked so good.


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New CSelect Disposable Curtains

Attractive and recyclable, these curtains expand the CSelect design offering into a coordinated collection of design-forward disposable curtains that draw inspiration from their fabric counterparts. Just like the CSelect Fabric collection, CSelect disposables are designed with natural elements in mind, bringing calm and tranquility to a space. Perfect for critical care, isolation areas and emergency areas, these curtains provide the aesthetic of real fabric, while meeting the functional requirements of disposable curtains.

Transcend to Tranquility


Select any of the 24 pattern/color combinations and visualize your selection in the scene.

CSelect Fabric Bark Bayshore Blue
CSelect Fabric Bark Rain Clouds
CSelect Fabric Bark Sandbar
CSelect Fabric Bark Shoreline
CSelect Fabric Bark Sunshine
CSelect Fabric Bark Tidewater
CSelect Fabric Sandstone Crystal Waters
CSelect Fabric Sandstone Green Glass
CSelect Fabric Sandstone Sandbar
CSelect Fabric Sandstone Sea Mist
CSelect Fabric Sandstone Sunshine
CSelect Fabric Sandstone Tidewater
CSelect Fabric Seagrass Bayshore Blue
CSelect Fabric Seagrass Rain Clouds
CSelect Fabric Seagrass Sandbar
CSelect Fabric Seagrass Sea Mist
CSelect Fabric Seagrass Sunshine
CSelect Fabric Seagrass Tidewater
CSelect Fabric Sunset Bayshore Blue
CSelect Fabric Sunset Dune Grasses
CSelect Fabric Sunset Golden Shore
CSelect Fabric Sunset Sandbar
CSelect Fabric Sunset Sea Mist
CSelect Fabric Sunset Shoreline
CSelect Fabric Bark Bayshore Blue Bark
CSelect Bark Bayshore Blue Bark Bayshore Blue
CSelect Rain Clouds Bark Rain Clouds
CSelect Bark Sandbar Bark Sandbar
CSelect Bark Shoreline Bark Shoreline
CSelect Bark Sunshine Bark Sunshine
CSelect Bark Tidewater Bark Tidewater
CSelect Sandstone Crystal Waters Sandstone Crystal Waters
CSelect Sandstone Green Glass Sandstone Green Glass
CSelect Sandstone Sandbar Sandstone Sandbar
CSelect Sandstone Sea Mist Sandstone Sea Mist
CSelect Sandstone Sunshine Sandstone Sunshine
CSelect Sandstone Tidewater Sandstone Tidewater
CSelect Seagrass Bayshore Blue Seagrass Bayshore Blue
CSelect Seagrass Rain Clouds Seagrass Rain Clouds
CSelect Seagrass Sandbar Seagrass Sandbar
CSelect Seagrass Sea Mist Seagrass Sea Mist
CSelect Seagrass Sunshine Seagrass Sunshine
CSelect Seagrass Tidewater Seagrass Tidewater
CSelect Sunset Bayshore Blue Sunset Bayshore Blue
CSelect Sunset Dune Grasses Sunset Dune Grasses
CSelect Sunset Golden Shore Sunset Golden Shore
CSelect Sunset Sandbar Sunset Sandbar
CSelect Fabric Sunset Sea Mist Sunset Sea Mist
CSelect Fabric Sunset Shoreline Sunset Shoreline

Features + Benefits

  • nfpa guidelines.png Available in

    four exclusive pattern options and six colorways

  • CS Hush Curtain design Calm environment

    Inspired by the earth's natural elements, the designs can create a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

  • half the cost.png Affordable option

    A designer aesthetic at a mid-tier price point

  • everything you need.png Compatibility

    Can be utilized on various CS curtain and track systems, including Hush® acoustical curtains, Snap Lock and On the Right Track.

  • works with all.png Easily coordinates

    with other CS interior product solutions for a complete harmonious look

  • finishes symbol.png Finish options

    Additional textile finishing can be added to enhance antimicrobial, water repellency or stain resistance 

CSelect Fabric Options

Each curtain is made with double-needle interlock stitching, providing a finished look on both sides with superior durability.
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