Less noise, less stress, better privacy. How's that sound?


HUSH Curtain provides privacy by incorporating proprietary acoustical panels that help absorb and block sound. This patented design softens and muffles noise by slowing the reflective velocity within a space. With multiple options, these curtains meet both functional and aesthetic requirements.


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HUSH In Review

"Bottom line: Construction Specialties Hush Acoustic Curtains do a good job of subtracting from noise levels, without adding to maintenance chores and with a bonus of quick, easy installation and a pretty face."

- Martin Winston, NewsTips

Close the Curtain On Sound

Features + Benefits

  • 5490878293164fac9b62ec8968e0f356?v=e4765b4a Available in

    fabric + Clean-In-Place (vinyl) options and various track options to meet specific design needs

  • f860c7fa572c4e89b50136f0ee727105?v=45f7ffc8 Designed with pockets

    to hold acoustical panels that provide noise absorption

  • ee5c70ad4fcd4c209201129f9e3a15a9?v=8e2df8f6 Tests reflect

    70% improvement in reverberation time

  • bf1dd16458d84d86a0f2ffe4d9236e92?v=e00648ae Noise reduction

    can improve patient healing and staff effectiveness

  • a1c9721a124a412ba1b05986239b86d5?v=8d8f7663 Can improve HCAHPS

    scores by lowering noise levels and increasing patient privacy

  • 81b746c6ed0f480d9c7113aaeb8f9d31?v=c689cc60 Easily coordinate

    with other CS Curtain + Track product offerings

  • d0d7dd37bafc42a68f3cf3b65be8c020?v=5f12f914 Clean-In-Place vinyl

    reduces laundering costs

  • 17058f306362438c957baacd26dacb54?v=3058dc6c Zip Top mesh option

    speeds up removal and replacement of fabric panels

  • 4ace3d281f8b4ce9bbff3f933c32cdb4?v=6bfb3521 Compatibility

    Can utilize existing track to save installation time

Hush Curtain + Clean-in-Place Fabric Options

All Clean-In-Place curtains include our Zip Top mesh and are available in 10 color options. Non-acoustical cubicle curtains are also available in the Clean-In-Place vinyl.

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