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  • Acrovyn® Door Systems
    Title & Product U.S. Patent + App. #
    Door Edge with Cover Strip
    U.S. Pat. D517,701
    U.S. Pat. D512,785
    U.S. Pat. D515,713
    U.S. Pat. D518,185
    U.S. Pat. D517,224
    Door Edge Construction
    U.S. Pat. 7,621,102
    U.S. Pat. 7,886,501
    U.S. Pat. 7,775,013
    U.S. Pat. 7,587,876
  • Acrovyn® Wall Protection
    Title & Product U.S. Patent + App. #
    U.S. Pat. D480,820
    Handrail and End Member Assembly
    Product: End Cap Locks
    U.S. Pat. 6,386,518
    Rail and Supports Therefor
    Product: Quick Lock™
    U.S. Pat.6,508,458
    Rail Installation and Adapter Therefor
    Product: Quick Lock™ Adapter
    U.S. Pat. 6,932,328
    Wall Installation Systems & Methods U.S. Pat. 9,290,931
    Wall Protector Installation U.S. Pat. 6,601,355
  • Cubicle Curtains
    Title & Product U.S. Patent + App. #
    Cubicle Curtain Loading System & Method U.S. Pat. 9,320,380
  • Entrance Flooring Systems
    Title & Product U.S. Patent + App. #
    Entrance Floor System
    Product: Floormations®
    U.S. Pat. 9,340,983
    U.S. App. 15/130,142
    Portion of an Entrance Floor
    Product: Floormations®
    U.S. Pat. D744,119
    Floor Section Module for Entrance Floor
    Product: Floorometry® 101 "Triangle"
    U.S. Pat. D616,571
    Product: Floorometry® 201 "Weave" U.S. Pat. D619,272
    Product: Floorometry® 201 "Flat Weave" U.S. Pat. D616,572
    Product: Floorometry® 301 "Egyptian Pattern" U.S. Pat. D616,573
    Product: Floorometry® 401 "Engineered Stone" U.S. Pat. D620,151
    Modular Entrance Floor System
    Product: Floorometry®
    U.S. Pat. 8,291,670
    U.S. Pat. 8,601,767
    U.S. Pat. 8,997,432
    Foot Mat
    Product: PediTred® G4
    U.S. Pat. 6,434,779
    Mat/Tile Module Arrangement
    Product: "Zig Zag Tile with Matting"
    U.S. D483,977
  • Expansion Joint Covers & Systems
    Title & Product U.S. Patent + App. #
    Expansion Joint
    Product: KB Model
    U.S. Pat 6,527,467
    Expansion Joint Cover
    Product: PTC Model
    U.S. Pat. 6,499,265
    Expansion Joint cover with Modular Center
    Product: SGR/SSR Model
    U.S. Pat. 7,080,491
    Fire Resistant Barrier for Dynamic Expansion Joints
    Product: FB-97 Model
    U.S. Pat. 6,128,874
    Modular Joint Barrier Retainer Assembly and Method U.S. Pat. 9,428,904
    Roof Seismic Motion-Absorbing Gap Cover
    Product: MARC Model
    U.S. Pat. 6,675,539
    Seismic Expansion Joint Cover
    Product: MACC Model
    U.S. Pat. 6,484,462
    Seismic Wall and Ceiling Expansion Joint Covers
    Product: XLS Model
    U.S. Pat. 6,430,884
    Stair Expansion Joint System with Freedom of
    Movement Between Landings
    U.S. Pat. 9,758,981
    U.S. App. 14/513,354
  • Fire + Smoke Vents
    Title & Product U.S. Patent + App.#
    Drop-Out Fire Vent
    Product: APC Dayliter™
    U.S. Pat. 6,161,348
  • Vista Air™ Vertically Folding Walls
    Title & Product U.S. Patent + App. #
    Articulated Overhead Door
    Product: Vista Air™
    U.S. Pat. 9,593,525