United States Patents & Patent Applications

  • Acrovyn® Doors
    Title & Product U.S. Patent + App. #
    Door Edge Construction

    U.S. Pat. 7,621,102

    U.S. Pat. 7,886,501

    U.S. Pat. 7,775,013

    U.S. Pat. 7,587,876

  • Acrovyn® Wall Protection
    Title & Product U.S. Patent + App. #

    Wall Installation System & Methods

    U.S. Pat. 9,290,931

    Wall Protector Installation

    U.S. Pat. 6,601,355
  • Cubicle Curtains
    Title & Product U.S. Patent + App. #
    Cubicle Curtain Loading System & Method U.S. Pat. 9,320,380
    Product: SBC30 Behavior Health Carrier U.S. Pat. 11,297,966
  • Entrance Flooring Solutions
    Title & Product U.S. Patent + App. #

    Entrance Floor System

    Product: Floormations®

    U.S. Pat. 9,340,983
    U.S. App. 15/130,142

    Portion of an Entrance Floor

    Product: Floormations®

    U.S. Pat. D744,119

    Floor Section Module for Entrance Floor

    Product: Floorometry® 101 "Triangle"

    U.S. Pat. D616,571

    Product: Floorometry® 201 "Weave"

    U.S. Pat. D619,272

    Product: Floorometry® 201 "Flat Weave"

    U.S. Pat. D616,572

    Product: Floorometry® 301 "Egyptian Pattern"

    U.S. Pat. D616,573

    Product: Floorometry® 401 "Engineered Stone"

    U.S. Pat. D620,151

    Modular Entrance Floor System

    Product: Floorometry®

    U.S. Pat. 8,291,670
    U.S. Pat. 8,601,767
    U.S. Pat. 8,997,432
  • Expansion Joint Solutions
    Title & Product U.S. Patent + App. #

    Modular Joint Barrier Retainer Assembly and Method

    U.S. Pat. 9,428,904

    Roof Seismic Motion-Absorbing Gap Cover

    Product: MARC Model

    U.S. Pat. 6,675,539

    Seismic Expansion Joint Cover

    Product: MACC Model

    U.S. Pat. 6,484,462

    Seismic Wall and Ceiling Expansion Joint Covers

    Product: XLS Model

    U.S. Pat. 6,430,884

    Stair Expansion Joint System with Freedom of

    Movement Between Landings

    U.S. Pat. 9,758,981
    U.S. App. 14/513,354

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