Construction Specialties has been committed to innovation long before it was a buzzword.

Since we've always been dedicated to solving complex building challenges with our valued customers, this focus has led to many innovative product breakthroughs for CS — many of which are industry firsts. Today, CS is a global leader in all of our product categories. We've held a total of 448 patents throughout our 70-year history. 

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Product Innovations


To meet the demands of a large Navy contract, CS developed the industry’s first extruded aluminum louver.


CS introduces Sun Controls to the architectural community—recognizing the need to shade building interiors from heat and glare, CS introduced mechanically- fastened sunshades for exterior applications.


Data Aire which becomes a division of CS thirteen years later, invents computer room air conditioners to solve the humidity and other heat-related issues that cause computers to malfunction.


CS introduces Acrovyn® Wall Protection that revolutionalized wall protection. It proved so effective that today it can be found in thousands of facilities worldwide.


CS introduces Pedigrid® and Pedimat® Architectural Entrance Grids and Mats that were designed to stop dirt at the door beautifully.


CS introduces Acrovyn® Wall Covering and Panels product lines to coordinate with our durable Acrovyn handrails and corner guards.


CS develops the first Expansion Joint Fire Barrier to prevent the chimney effect of fires in expansion joints. CS developed the industry’s first UL-approved fire barrier.


CS brings reinforced concrete general access floor panels, known as Innocrete Systems, to the market.


CS introduces Explovent®, the first resettable explosion vent that can be field tested.


CS develops America’s first line of Rain Resistant Louvers that are twenty times more effective than standard drainable louvers. CS Storm Resistant Louvers are capable of stopping 100 mph wind-driven rain.


CS invents seismic corridor covers for base-isolated buildings that provide the required movement while ensuring full corridor access and maintaining the neccessary fire rating.


CS introduces the industry’s first line of “invisible” expansion joint covers, the SSR model, which CS invented in conjunction with Pei Cobb Freed & Partners.


CS becomes the first manufacturer in the wall protection business to launch a complete PVC-free wall protection line first known as Acrovyn® 3000.


CS launches patented CS Acrovyn® Doors, which are “virtually indestructible” and unlike standard wood doors they don’t chip, split, or crack.


CS introduces Floorometry®, the first modular entrance grid system, which changed the rules on entrance flooring forever with four revolutionary systems.


CS launches Solarmotion Controllable Sunshades, which track the sun to maximize the control of light and heat entering the building’s interior. Solarmotion significantly reduces a building’s energy and capital equipment costs.


CS introduces graphic wall protection called Acrovyn by Design® where photos, patterns, or graphics can be embedded behind our durable Acrovyn® rigid sheet.


CS launches Perform Louvers to provide all the air movement, security, and sight-screening of our standard louvers, but with our exclusive perforated façade that gives it a modern appearance.


CS introduces Vista Air™ vertically-folding walls that offer an unparalleled occupant experience with uninhibited airflow and unobstructed vistas, while still maintaining a thermal and moisture barrier that promotes energy savings.

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