With models ranging from sleek and simple to robust and impact-resistant, Acrovyn Handrails can aid in the ease of movement while maintaining a cohesive design.

Handrail Features & Options

HRB 20N Acrovyn Handrail

Acrovyn Handrails

We have the most durable handrails on the market today. Acrovyn handrails are available in a wide variety of solid colors, woodgrains and brushed metal finishes.
HRW 45 Acrovyn Handrail

Wood + Metal Handrails

CS' Real Wood and Metal handrails provide an extra level of elegance within a space. These handrails are available in a number of real wood species and stains, as well as metal powder coat options.
P OWA Platform Handrail

Platform Handrails

Achieve unique custom effects with Platform Handrails by combining a vast selection of standard Acrovyn, wood, stainless steel or powder-coated aluminum components in almost infinite varieties.
HRWS 6C Handrail

Single Line Handrails

Single line handrails provide patients with a safe, secure grip and can be specified in a variety of standard or custom wood species and finishes.

Quick Lock

Quick Lock makes the installation of CS handrails a simple, clean process that can be accomplished in occupied areas with no need for holes in the retainer. If the handrail needs to be taken down to paint or repair, it is as easy as just twisting the bracket a half turn to remove.