Explovent® Safety Venting

CS Explovent is the only field testable explosion and pressure relief vent system. With other vent systems, you won't know if they're successful until there's an explosion.

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  1. Normal Condition

    Explovent's patented release mechanism is factory calibrated for release at very low pressures (typically 20-30 P.S.P.), yet keeps panels closed until an event occurs.

  2. During Explosion

    FM approved Explovent panels are lightweight and can release quickly once an explosion occurs.

  3. After Explosion

    Once the pressure of an explosion has been relieved the panels return to a near closed position, allowing air to return into the room to address implosion concerns.


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Factory Mutual Approved

Factory Mutual tested and approved. Explovent safety vents are engineered to be lightweight and fully calibrated for quick release at very low pressures.
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Testable & Resettable

Unlike blow-out panels with fasteners, Explovent panels are testable at any time, and can be reset after an event.
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Meet All Codes

In addition to meeting NFPA 68, Explovent conforms to IFC section 911 and all building codes.
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Easy to Install

Explovent simplifies installation with its pre-calibrated design, ensuring easy setup and peace of mind for users.

Explovent vs. The Competitor

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CS Explovent® Safety Vents Competitor Blowout Siding

Explovent is the only venting system that can be tested at any time to periodically verify working conditions.

Blowout siding cannot be field tested to verify working conditions outside of an explosion.


Explovent is re-settable after testing and does not need to be replaced after usage.

Blowout siding can only be used once, and must be replaced after opened.

Easy to Install

Explovent arrives on-site fully calibrated—ready to install.

Blowout siding employs shear bolts and fasteners and thus is highly dependent on proper installation by site laborers.


Explovent is lightweight and engineered in accordance with NFPA 68 code and OSHA guidelines.

Blowout siding systems are typically larger and heavier than NFPA standards recommend.


Explovent provides venting solutions for either wall or rooftop installation; and offers a range of natural day lighting options.

Siding can only be provided on walls, with many systems being unable to provide functional, aesthetic solutions.

Backed by Experience

CS has over 35 years of experience in specialty venting and is recognized as the leader in providing complete, code-compliant solutions.

Independent contractors lack the technical expertise and experience seen with CS' team of professionals.

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The fact that Explovent can be tested at any time, gives me peace of mind.

Travis Anderton

Facilities Engineering/EHS Manager BD Medical

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Our safety vents are available in Kynar, Powdercoat or Anodized finishes, as well as custom colors.

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Your visions come to life.

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