In Manhattan, Mayor Bloomberg and the town council had to choose a site where three district sanitation garages could consolidate offices and 150 garbage trucks. They picked an area in the high-end neighborhood of SoHo overlooking the Hudson River and the Hudson River Park, causing controversy in the early design stages. Dattner recognized the design of this 425,000 square foot structure was critical. They wanted the structure to look less industrial and blend in with the neighborhood while meeting the complex’s functional and technical requirements.


Enclosing the garage with fritted glass and CS aluminum sunshade louvers solved the problem. The perforated louvers helped to pixilate the long facades along with lightening and reducing the building’s apparent bulk. The decision to specify CS was made after Dattner, Manhattan District Services personnel and city officials reviewed a full-scale prototype with a variety of blade styles and patterns at our headquarters in Lebanon, NJ.

Case Study The process of making Louvers

Project: Department of Sanitation of New York Station 125

Location: SoHo, New York City, NY

Architect: Dattner Architects NYC


CS Perforated Aluminum, Sunshade Louvers

Custom Vertical Perforated Sunshades

The Department of Sanitation of New York Station 125

Garbage Trucks

Perforated Metal Fins

Square Feet

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