Making a Design Difference with Evidence-Based Design (EBD)

Construction Specialties (CS) is dedicated to design solutions that are measurable, grounded in research, and not purely aesthetic. That is why CS Product Specialist Amy Sweeting decided to pursue an Evidence-Based Design Accreditation and Certification (EDAC). The Center for Health Design's internationally recognized EDAC certification is awarded to individuals who "apply an evidence-based process to the design and construction of all settings that contribute to health, safety and well-being, including measuring and reporting results."

Why it matters (in Amy's own words)

With a background in interior design, I have always been fascinated with the reasoning and motivation behind design solutions. And manufacturers are often overlooked when building a team for the initial ideation phase of a project. In the typical construction project, the manufacturer is contacted when design concepts have been created or finalized. In Evidence-Based Design projects, it's important for the manufacturer to be a part of the project's interdisciplinary team as soon as project goals are defined. The manufacturer is the product expert and will know what products would be best to use in certain applications. Depending on the project needs, they may also have the capability to build a new product that becomes the solution.

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At its core, evidence-based design shows how we, as humans, react and interact with our physically designed environments. The slightest adjustment to the physicality of a healing space can significantly impact how we heal and how care is provided. And since Construction Specialties is deeply involved in the Healthcare market, we know how important it is to understand and apply the steadily building body of research to our product and service offerings.

Next Steps for CS

Armed with my better understanding of how to obtain new research, determine the relevance and apply it to design concepts, I have been speaking with designers and medical planners. We've discussed the projects completed using the EBD method and our products as solutions. I'm partnering with them to assist in publishing research. I also plan to present the research to our internal New Product Development (NPD) team to develop products that will fill the market's needs.

Overall, Construction Specialties is filled with people who care about making a difference. We are passionate about our products and the buildings for which they are developed. We have partnered on many projects to provide customized options that meet the ever-evolving design needs and look forward to adding more!

Amy Sweeting CS Blog

Amy Sweeting is the Interior Product Specialist for the Midwest Territory at CS. When focused on the promotional aspect of the role, she manages the specification development for multiple CS product lines in 12 different independent representative agencies. She ensures that designers are strategically placing products where buildings require a solution. She travels around the US to assist in educating specifiers on products and further build strong community relationships.

In addition to her primary role, Amy is the Acrovyn by Design® product knowledge expert who supports many large mural projects worldwide. She is the current talent on the set of "CS Live," a live broadcast that reaches the Architectural and Design community across the US and Canada. Her design background focused on more extensive residential renovations and commercial design office projects where she would solve complex design issues creatively and efficiently.

Ms. Sweeting holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design from Meredith College in Raleigh, NC and a Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt Certification from Rutgers University. Amy recently completed her Evidence-Based Design certification. Her goal is to support men and women in advocating for and enacting positive transformation in the interior built environment.

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