Improve ROI With the Right Entrance Mats

You probably don't spend much time thinking about entrance mats in your facility, do you? Of course, they're necessary, but they're not nearly as important as lighting or security or almost anything else, right? But what if you knew that the type of entrance flooring system you use could play a significant role in your company's ROI? It can.

Budget limitations are often a concern for facility managers, and finding a quick fix to an "insignificant" component like entrance flooring may be the avenue they take. That might explain why so many facilities choose to rent their entrance mats—big mistake. Let's find out why.

Rent vs. own cost comparison
Say you have three building locations and rent five three-by-five throw-down mats that cost $5 per week. By the end of the year, you will have spent $3,900. Then it begins again the next year—and maybe at an increased rental rate.

The initial cost to buy a permanent system for the same number of mats of the same size for the same number of locations could cost $4,950*. That's only $1,000 more! For one year, a one-time purchase. If properly cleaned and maintained using standard vacuuming and shampooing methods, a purchased entrance flooring system with inserts should not have additional maintenance costs. Over time, the inserts will understandably begin to show signs of wear, but they can be easily refurbished by replacing the existing inserts—even ten years after that initial purchase.

If you rented mats for ten years, it would cost you approximately $39,000. Let that sink in.

Improve ROI with the right entrance mat

Benefits of permanent entrance flooring
Entrance mats—especially throw-down entrance mats—in large facilities (hospitals, high-rise condo buildings, universities, convention centers) prevent dirt, debris, and water from being tracked in by visitors. That seems easy enough. Just throw them down, and bingo—debris trapped. Well, the problem is that those throw-down mats that seem affordable and easy to maintain can present hidden safety hazards. Rock salt used to melt snow and slush brought in during winter can accumulate on the mats. Rain could saturate them. Then when you add movement (e.g., walking over them), the edges might become cracked and cause slips or falls, leading to potential lawsuits. Additionally, rental mats may not be ADA compliant and, therefore, unsuitable for handicapped entrances.

When you choose permanent entrance flooring, you have a more effective, stable, and attractive solution. The mats don't slip and slide, but they still trap water and all kinds of debris. Some have aluminum rails to hold a variety of inserts like heavy-duty carpet, recycled rubber, poured abrasive, and more. Most are engineered to allow dirt, water, and debris to collect underneath the system. That function keeps the surface clean and is safer and more visually appealing. Moreover, the systems are built to withstand heavy foot traffic, are easy to maintain, and ensure ADA compliance.

Customization and aesthetics
If you decide to rent mats, you might not find ones that complement the aesthetics of your facility. You take what's available. On the other hand, you can purchase permanent entrance flooring systems based on your facility's needs or requirements. You may also want to incorporate your organization's logo or choose a design that visually aligns with your facility's overall aesthetics. So, when visitors enter, their first impression is a good one. Even more importantly, you can choose slip-resistant inserts to help prevent accidents. If you want a product guarantee, most manufacturers offer warranties. It's also possible to get third-party sustainability certification and slip-resistance testing results.

Improve ROI with the right entrance mat

Construction Specialties' solutions
For more than 45 years, CS has been a leader and innovator in entrance flooring—including mat and grid systems.

Our goal is to keep floors clean, enhance entrance ways and provide safe walkways. That's why we recommend the Pedimat® entry mat system. Engineered for quiet performance, Pedimat combines lightweight rails and strong aluminum hinge connectors. When it's time for maintenance, just roll them up. Pedimats can be recessed, or surface mounted, and their many finish options complement any facility's décor. CS can also customize your mat system so that it fits perfectly—even in an oddly shaped space or one that has revolving door cutouts or notched sections.

If you have high-traffic areas, consider using Peditred® - the industry's strongest grid handles rolling loads up to 1,000 lbs per wheel. Peditred comes in a variety of frame options and can be surface mounted or recessed. Available in ¾" or ½" profiles, the functional scraper matting system is ideal for both new construction and remodeling.

Entry mats are too essential to be an afterthought. Choose wisely. Contact Construction Specialties for products and services that make buildings better.

*Price based on CS Pedimat/Mill Finish/HD Carpet Surface Mounted Frame, costing approximately $22/sq. Ft.

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