All-Around Coverage: How Corner Guards Can Save You Time and Money

Wall corners. They start off perfect and pristine—and quickly degrade as bumps, brushes, and dings take their toll. Relatively soon, your newly painted space can start to look shabby and run down as the wall corners become discolored and chipped.

Research has shown that a rundown office space can have a serious impact on productivity levels. It can also leave a negative impression with clients. 

Fortunately, there's an easy way to protect the all-too vulnerable corners of your office space. By installing corner guards, you can fortify wall corners and up the interior design factor of your space.

Great office design has been shown to boost productivity by up to 20%, and protecting walls and corners from wear and tear can save you substantially in maintenance costs. Corner guards can achieve both of these things.

Ready to find out if corner guards are a solution for your high traffic areas? Stay with us as we list how corner guards can save you time and money and boost the look of your space. 

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Wall Corners Can Take a Beating

As mentioned above, wall corners are one of the areas of an office building that can wear the quickest. They're easy to bump into and are inherently more fragile than flat wall areas. 

If people are brushing against the corners of a commercial interior, this results in marks and grime over time. Once this happens, your wall corners start to develop that signature "greying" along their edge. 

If furniture, boxes, and other items are being carried around in the space, it's inevitable that some chips will develop on your wall corners. All it takes is one misjudged move shifting a desk, and you'll be left with a nice chip (or chunk) taken out of the plastering or drywall. 

To avoid this, business owners can simply install corner guards

How Corner Guards Work

Corner guards are made of strips of durable material, such as metal or acrylic. These are installed over wall corners to provide a covering. 

Installation is typically quick and simple, and usually done mechanically or with adhesive. 

As far as material choice is concerned, you can select between a variety of finishes. Some of the options we offer include:

  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Rubber
  • Real wood
  • Simulated wood
  • PETG such as Acrovyn in solid colors, woodgrains and brushed metals

Metal corner guards are generally utilized in high traffic areas and creative interiors where the interior design aesthetic for the space is either modern or industrial. Rubber corner guards are typically used in high impact zones, such as back-of-house and delivery areas. These are both categorized as heavy-duty corner guards.

As you can see, with the variety of options available, you can customize the look of our corner guards to suit the interior design theme of any office building interior or other commercial space. 

corner guards construction specialties

How Corner Guards Save on Maintenance Costs

If the wall corners in your commercial interior are showing signs of wear, chances are you want to get them spruced up. However, this usually requires more than a touch up of those areas.

After fixing any chips, a contractor will then need to paint over the edges. If some time has elapsed since the last time you painted your office building—there will be a visible difference in color, even if you're using exactly the same paint. 

This means the entire area will often have to be repainted, which is not a cheap operation. Once this is done, it's only a matter of time until the corners of your walls start showing wear again. 

Note: If you're interested in increasing your walls' durability, we also offer wall panels. By combining these two products, you can achieve bullet-proof (well, not literally impervious to bullets, but you get the idea) protection for your office building interior.

How Corner Guards Save You Time

Besides saving you money in maintenance costs, corner guards can also save you time. Every time you have to do maintenance on your building interior, this cuts into valuable working hours. It is disruptive and can displace employees from their stations. 

Corner guards can reduce the frequency of renovations.

Besides this, corner guards can also save on cleaning time and expense. Painted wall corners can be stubborn spots to clean and often require extra attention. 

In contrast, corner guards are simple to clean and usually only require a gentle wipe down. What's more, they are also more hygienic. Painted walls are inherently slightly porous and can be a breeding ground for bacteria and other microbes. 

As wall corners can get particularly grimy, this makes them a hotspot for germs. Installing corner guards ensures that your office building is that much more hygienic—an important consideration during a pandemic

corner guards construction specialties

Corner Guards Can Also Secure Wall Coverings

Are your walls protected with an additional covering? Such as wall coverings and wall panels or wallpaper? If so, installing corner guards has another benefit for you. 

Corner guards also act to secure wall coverings. Because of this, they can help prevent maintenance issues such as peeling wallpaper. 

Does Your Office Building Interior Need Corner Guards?

Wear and tear on wall corners can quickly leave your commercial space looking shabby and in need of repair. If you want to reduce wall maintenance and save yourself time and money, installing wall corner guards is a smart move. 

Do you want to look into corner guards for your office building? If so, you've come to the right place. 

We offer an extensive range of corner guards, as well as other wall protection products. Take your pick from heavy-duty options to light-duty solutions in a range of colors and designs to match the creative office interiors of any space. 

Browse our range of corner guards today, or contact us to request a quote.

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