storm resistant

Storm-Resistant Louvers

Use where you need up to 100% resistance to wind-driven rain & expect winds as high as 50 mph that drive 8" of water per hour.
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extreme weather


Miami-Dade County Certified & built to withstand hurricane & tornado conditions Some models are impacted tested to FEMA 361 requirements or AMCA 540/550 listed.
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Provides high free area/high air flow with a low pressure drop where occasional water entry is acceptable. They are economical & available in a variety of blade & frame styles.
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non drainable


Use where high free area is important, economy is a consideration & occasional water penetration will not cause significant problems. Available in a variety of blade & frame styles.
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Provides good water penetration & airflow performance. They are ideal anywhere there is a need to minimize sound levels & ventilation is needed.
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Airflow can be controlled by an actuator device. It provides the ability to close the louvers to keep weather out & to open them to facilitate air intake or exhaust.
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blast resistant


Blast protection, air movement & rain defense all rolled into one. Use on buildings vulnerable to explosive threats. All models can withstand blasts up to 12 PSI.


All the air movement, security & sight screening of our standard louvers, with a perforated facade for a fresh modern appearance. One model provides 100% rain defense.


bold line

Bold Line

Accentuate facades with crisp shallow lines, varying blade depths & colors, asymmetrical blade frequencies & staggered blade placement without sacrificing blade performance.
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centria wall systems

MetalWrap Louvers for use with CENTRIA Wall Systems

CS, the leader in architectural Louvers and Sun Controls, has joined forces with CENTRIA, the leader in metal wall systems, to offer specifiers and owners a totally integrated façade engineered to work together perfectly. Add to that the peace of mind that comes from single-source responsibility backed up by two great companies, resulting in better buildings.
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