Miami Dade County Impact Test approved

Miami Dade County Certified and built to withstand hurricane and tornado conditions. Some louver models are impact tested to FEMA 361 requirements or AMCA 540/550 listed.
Let air in-keep water out.


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Construction Specialties Extreme-Weather Louvers are built to withstand extreme hurricanes, tornados and tropical storm conditions. They are perfect when your building:

• Needs a louver that has passed the Miami-Dade County
  impact, pressure and cyclical test

• Requires total envelope protection from hurricanes—
  including up to 170 PSF wind loads, missile protection
  and 100% water penetration

• Will be subjected to extreme weather from hurricanes
  and tropical storms

• Needs a louver to integrate with CENTRIA Formawall®
  Dimension Series® insulated metal panel system


Model DC-6804


Model DC-9614

Louver Torture Test

The EW-5210 FEMA Extreme Weather Louver is tested to withstand a 15 lb. wood 2x4 traveling at 100 mph. This louver was also tested for wind loads up to and including 300 psf.



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