CS Blast-Resistant Louvers are capable of withstanding high blast loads

Government buildings, VA hospitals, computing centers and power plants are particularly vulnerable to explosive threats. CS has developed six blast-resistant models designed to withstand blasts up to 12 PSI and that can meet the government requirement. This requirement states, "Louvers must remain in their frame and anchored adequately to resist the blast or a catch device...to prevent the louver from becoming a projectile."


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Whether you want your louver to be a major design element or simply disappear into the facade of your building, CS has options that will work beautifully.

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Knowing how a louver will perform is critical to ensuring that it will stand up to real-life conditions on the job. We have our own on-site test chamber that allows us to test to AMCA louver standards.

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Airflow Design Tool Calculator

Our Airflow Design Tool lets you select the proper free area and pressure drop every time.

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Construction Specialties Blast-Resistant Louvers provide blast protection, air movement and rain defense all rolled into one. They are the right choice for buildings that:

• Are particularly vulnerable to explosive threats, such as government buildings, data centers and power plants

• Must withstand blast loads up to 12 PSI

• Must meet the government requirement that a louver must remain in its frame and anchored to resist a blast and prevent it from becoming a projectile


Model BL-6179

blast resistant model bl 6179

Model BLH-5709

blast resistant model blh 5709


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