How will louvers impact your project?

Whether you want your louver to be a major design element or simply disappear into the facade of your building, CS has options that will work beautifully. Our louver systems provide designers with a rich pallet of textures and almost unlimited color and finish options. We can curve our louver and cut into intricate shapes. It doesn’t even have to look like a louver.

Finish Options

Available in 20 standard colors in addition to Kynar 500® resin-based finishes and Hylar® 5000 high-gloss metallic finishes. 
Wood grain patterns
Available in 15 standard wood grain patterns in a smooth or textured finish.
Wood grain patterns
Custom Color Matching
Design freedom means specifying the color you want -- not one defined by the manufacturer's limitations.
Custom Color Matching

Bold Line Louvers
Accentuate facades with crisp shadow lines, varying blade depth & colors, asymmetrical blade frequencies & staggered blade placement without sacrificing performance.
See Bold Line Louvers
Perform Louvers
All the air movement, security & sight screening of our standard louvers, with a perforated façade for a fresh modern appearance. One model provides 100% rain defense.
See Perform Louvers
Custom Louvers
When you work with us to create a custom louver system, we’ll test it, too. So you can be sure that it will meet your specific performance requirements.
See collaborations

Louvers Gallery

Want A Particular Size, Shape or Color?

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