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Acrovyn provides many designer wall covering profiles, colors, simulated patterns, real woods and metals that enhance interiors while protecting them.

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Wall Covering Models

Acrovyn High-Impact Wall Covering

.040", .060", & .075" Acrovyn Wall Covering is offered in 68 solid colors. .040" & .060" are available in our Chameleon™ simulated patterns .040" is available in our Acrovyn textures.
High-Impact Wall Covering

Acrovyn by Design® Wall Covering

Photographs, logos, patterns and more are reverse-printed behind Acrovyn rigid sheet serving as a protective shield and providing impact resistant wall protection.
Acrovyn by Design Custom Wall Covering

Saratoga® Series Wall System

The Saratoga Wall System is ideal for high traffic areas. Key to the system is our rugged .040" Acrovyn sheets, available in a variety of solid colors and Chameleon simulated patterns.
Saratoga Series

Wall Covering Finish Options

Acrovyn Solid Colors

Acrovyn 4000 is available in 68 solid colors.
Acrovyn Solid Colors

Chameleon™ Simulated Patterns

Acrovyn Chameleon is available in 24 simulated wood and metal patterns.
Chameleon Simulated Patterns

Acrovyn by Design® Finish

Photographs, logos, patterns and more can be reverse printed behind Acrovyn rigid sheet, serving as a protective shield and providing impact resistant wall protection.
Acrovyn by Design


It is available in 9 textures.
Acrovyn Texture Collection

Wall Covering Trim Options

3/8" Acrovyn trim pieces in 10' lengths (optional aluminum sheet trims are available in 12' lengths)

Wainscot Trim

Optional aluminum wainscot available*

Vertical Trim

Color-matched sealant available

Aluminum Vertical Trim

Inside Corner Trim

Optional aluminum inside corner available**

Outside Corner Trim

Optional aluminum outside corner available**

*If aluminum trims look different, view details.

**Inside and outside 135 corner trims are available in aluminum only.

Optional Outside Corner Guard

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