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Construction Specialties (CS), in partnership with Corian® Exteriors by DuPont, is proud to introduce a new line of sunshades for building exteriors – Sunshades with Corian® Solid Surface.

Now Corian® Solid Surface materials can be designed and incorporated into a fully engineered CS sunshade system. Embark on the journey to design, explore and create with the superior-performance of Corian® Solid Surface, and give personality to the outside of any building.


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Benefits of Sunshades with Corian® Solid Surface

  • 81b746c6ed0f480d9c7113aaeb8f9d31?v=c689cc60 Fully thermoformable

    A broad range of natural patterns of differing textural depth and dimension can be molded into the surface to achieve an unlimited variety of architectural finishes. Surface texturing, patterning, engraving and molding techniques can be combined with shape-forming to create a variety of two and three-dimensional structures and compound curves.

  • 46b175f1e8cb427eb20ded8ed8069648?v=ebaded2b Natural color palette

    Multiple options from dark to light and a translucent option to inspire lighted designs. Natural fading and discoloration from the weather are less obvious in whites, lighter colors, and many earth tones. This natural color palette comes in a unique offering of tones ranging from beiges, whites, and blues to browns and olives.

  • 876bcd58b7fe458f98c61838f785566b?v=42911b62 Integrated color

    and performance throughout the material’s core. Colors run through the entire thickness, so edges are the same color as the rest of the sheet and revealed joints wouldn’t show black gaps.  The translucency also allows for fins to glow when backlit by sun or artificial LEDs.

  • 5490878293164fac9b62ec8968e0f356?v=e4765b4a UV resistant

    so color won’t fade or crack from daily exposure to sunlight UV stability is often a function of the pigments chosen.  Extensive testing shows notable color stability of our color palette as well as no significant pitting or cracking after more than ten years of continued UV exposure.

  • 808e397b4f7f42c283bbc77d0b5d37f9?v=61c70ab7 Nonporous

    Corian® Exteriors material is a solid, nonporous, homogeneous surfacing material in which liquids cannot penetrate.  As a result, it is resistant to the growth of bacteria and mold and not affected by humidity.

  • 3a0fa040c6544c458e6a684a551d7625?v=f5afe4b4 Impact/scratch resistant

    for durability and a long-lifecycle. The addition of ATH (Aluma Trihydrate), a natural mineral derived from bauxite, gives this solid surface material its hardness and impact resistance.  If excessive damage should occur during installation, most cases can be easily repaired onsite and with little difficulty using scouring pads and an orbital sander.

  • ab0d4265b4584fa3a23ee44cfca6d8eb?v=e3df4723 Easy to maintain and restore

    Even covered with some of the most difficult substances, the panels can be restored to their original appearance through cleaning and sanding.  Under normal conditions, standard cleaning agents such as water and detergent will do.

  • 72f2832532264f918127c5b8fa320772?v=b3a50410 Fully designed and engineered

    Panels are fabricated per approved requirements and are specified per project. The complete system is engineered by CS and is provided with all bracketry and mounting hardware.

  • ee5c70ad4fcd4c209201129f9e3a15a9?v=8e2df8f6 Flexural and tensile strength

    Different types of wind flow impart certain forces on a building façade.  Corian Exteriors test results show flexural strength at 10,000 psi and tensile strength at 6,000 psi; more than enough strength for most wind loads.

Natural color palette

Corian® Solid Surface features integral color and performance throughout its core. Glacier Ice has a translucent property allowing for illumination from behind for an even more dramatic design or colorful effect.

Contact CS for more details or to discuss your design ideas.

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