Via 57th West


The building’s riverfront exposure requires protection from swift winds, heavy rain and unpredictable snowfall without compromising airflow or aesthetics. VIA 57 West architects and designers needed exterior-facing products that would battle the elements and keep the rest of the building safe and dry. Throughout the design and planning phases, the building’s materials, products, construction methods and operations were all carefully considered by the design team to prioritize the impact on the environment and the residents’ daily living experience. To achieve the team’s creative vision and functional demands, CS louvers and visions barrier screens were selected for their weather resistant properties and sleek look, which is the quintessential embodiment of Manhattan.


CS’ custom-designed, high-performance fixed horizontal Storm-Resistant Louvers (RSH-7500) were installed above the first-floor curtain wall and integrated throughout 353,000 square feet of curtain wall openings. Specially designed pressure plate glazing frames fused the louvers to the curtain wall, creating a watertight seal without compromising the building’s sleek look. The project also utilized CS EconoLine Vision Barriers (EL-240) for visual screening. CS louvers and vision barriers meet aggressive maintenance demands that help VIA 57 West perform as designed from the outside in. This architectural phenom reinforces that just as there are three sides to every pyramid, there are three sides to every CS louver: airflow performance, weather protection and uncompromised aesthetic.

Project: Via 57th West

Location: New York, NY

Architect: Bjarke, Ingles Group, SLCE Architects

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VIA 57 West is a residential building in Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood by Danish architectural firm Bjarke Ingles Group (BIG) and SLCE Architects. According to the New York Times, the architectural tetrahedron’s name is derived from its location along the southbound West Side Highway as drivers enter the city, serving as the entrance to Manhattan “via 57th street.” This creation boasts an enviable view of the Hudson River, a 22,000 square foot courtyard, outdoor lounge areas and a slew of other luxury amenities.


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