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Our floor covers are designed for a wide variety of applications to integrate seamlessly with flooring materials and ensure a smooth journey for pedestrians and equipment. Our product options accommodate any type of building movement, including building settlement for new to existing structures, seismic movement for earthquake-prone regions, and every-day thermal movement.

Types of Floor Covers

Allway™ Metal

These covers are low maintenance, tamper resistant, and perfect for interior and most exterior applications where heavy rolling loads are expected. Joint sizes range from 1” to 16”.

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Flush Twinline

Our dual gasket, flush floor covers use a deep extruded aluminum base frame and are ideal for interior areas with larger movement requirements where hygiene is important. Joint sizes range from 2" to 4".

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Flush Thinline

These flush, gasketed floor covers are ideal for interior applications with minimal visual impact and where hygiene is important. Joint sizes range from 1" to 2".

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These surface-mounted metal floor covers are designed for interior, new or retrofit applications requiring movements up to 100%. Their self-centering aluminum cover plates allow for thermal movement. Joint sizes range from 1” to 8”.

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Flush Seismic

Our dual gasket, flush floor covers are ideal for interior applications with larger movement requirements. These covers can be designed for up to 100% movement and can integrate into any floor finish. Joint sizes range from 5" to 16".

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Seismic Allway™ Metal

These flush-mounted metal floor covers are for interior or exterior applications that require movement up to 100%. Joint sizes range from 1” to 16”. Larger, non-standard sizes are available by request.

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Pan Seismic

These aluminum covers are designed for interior and exterior seismic applications for cover concealment in deeper floor finishes. Joint sizes range from 2” to 4”, and 5” and up.

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We've Got it Covered

When it comes to expansion joint cover selection, you're not alone. We've got you covered with guides on sizing, waterproofing, fire barriers, building movement, and more.

Joint Sizing--Simplified

A critical element of proper joint sizing is to keep proper movement types and ranges in mind.

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Questions to Ask Before Selection

Consider these topics on movement, safety, aesthetic, building resilience, and more when choosing the best cover for your building.

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Types of Building Movement

Prior to selecting a cover, it is crucial to consider which type(s) of building movement your project might encounter.

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Understanding Fire-Rated Expansion Joints

Fire-rated expansion joints are necessary to maintain building safety. Here’s how to incorporate them.

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Waterproofing an Expansion Joint

There are several aspects to consider that help prevent water from leaking through the expansion joint and into your building.

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Better Solutions

We understand that every project has its own special movement criteria, and that one of our standard designs may not be right for your project. We have a team of technical experts that can work with you to design a custom cover that meets your project’s specific requirements.

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Expansion Joints Covers Custom Stair Risers and Treads

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