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Our exterior wall expansion joint covers protect expansion joints against weather elements including water, dirt, and dust. From gasketed to metal, color matching is available to blend the covers into surrounding exterior finishes. Infill options are available for select covers to make them virtually invisible.

Types of Exterior Wall Covers

Expansion Joint Covers Exterior Wall Covers AFW-X
Allway™ Metal

The covers are low maintenance, tamper resistant and perfect for street level applications or any place that prohibits exposed fasteners like schools, prisons, etc. Joint sizes range from 1" to 8".

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Expansion Joint Covers Exterior Wall Covers SC
Flexible Seal

These gasketed, flush covers are designed to offer multi-directional movement and can be custom colored to match the surrounding walls.  The weather tight seals fit within the opening and coordinate to any surrounding areas. Joint sizes range from 3" to 24".

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Expansion Joint Covers Exterior Wall Covers VF
Foam Seal

Our foam seal covers are closed-cell ethylene vinyl acetate foam that is watertight, dustproof, airtight, UV stable and chemically resistant. Joint sizes range from 1" to 12".

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Expansion Joint Covers Exterior Wall Covers XLS
Pan Seismic

This exterior wall cover, also known as "invisible joint," is ideal for applications where concealment is desired. The adjacent finish can be applied to this joint to cover or hide it. Joint sizes range from 8" to 34".

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We've Got it Covered

When it comes to selecting floor expansion joint covers and expansion joint cover strips, you're not alone. We've got you covered with guides on sizing, waterproofing, fire barriers, building movement, and more.

Expansion Joint Covers Joint Sizing Simplified
Joint Sizing--Simplified

A critical element of proper joint sizing is to keep proper movement types and ranges in mind.

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Expansion Joint Covers Types of building movement
Types of Building Movement

Prior to selecting a cover, it is crucial to consider which type(s) of building movement your project might encounter.

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Expansion Joint Covers Joint Sizing Simplified
Building Types: Environments To Consider
When selecting an expansion joint cover system, it is important to consider the location and usage before a selection is made.
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Expansion Joint Covers Understanding fire rated expansion joints
Understanding Fire-Rated Expansion Joints

Fire-rated expansion joints are necessary to maintain building safety. Here’s how to incorporate them.

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Expansion Joint Covers Waterproofing an expansion joint
Waterproofing an Expansion Joint

There are several aspects to consider that help prevent water from leaking through the expansion joint and into your building.

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Expansion Joint Covers Questions to ask before selection
Questions to Ask Before Selection

Consider these topics on movement, safety, aesthetic, building resilience, and more when choosing the best cover for your building.

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Better Solutions

As one of the leading expansion joint manufacturers, we understand that every project has its own special movement criteria, and that one of our standard designs may not be right for your project. We have a team of technical experts that can work with you to design a custom seismic joint cover that meets your project’s specific requirements.

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