You think outside the box. We'll make that idea a reality.

Imagine your building with an entrance mat that does more than trap dirt. Picture flooring accented by LED lighting, or integrated with pressure sensors that trigger automatic doors. Think about unique shapes, cuts, and logos. Envision custom entrance flooring that functions beyond the norm.


We are the industry experts in special projects and custom entrance flooring engineering, here to empower your design team to push the envelope. Any of our entrance flooring models can be stretched to their creative limits through technology, material, and shape customization to produce works of art that are the pinnacle of function. Read on to be inspired.


  • d331a611c0be4eb7b587c00f5a030a8d?v=3a115230 Technology

     Pressure sensitivity
     Snow melting/radiating
     LED under-lighting
     Water features
     Security components

  • caa70dbcf7154bb58b48d202d736b58b?v=a03fdab4 Materials

     Rail size and spacing
     Slip resistant treatments
     Finishes and colors
     Insert materials
     Mounting options

  • 01af787e11e4493194343ef1477a816f?v=94c4cb36 Shapes

     Radiused rails
     Odd cuts and shapes
     Custom logo integration
     Custom insert colors

Better Solutions

How big can you dream? Fill out this form to get in touch with a product expert and discuss how a CS partnership can produce custom entrance flooring that is the perfect fit for your building.


Beyond the Entrance

If you’re inspired by our entrance flooring materials and want to use them in non-traditional, non-flooring applications, try using them in architectural accents, like 42 Crosby Street in SoHo. Their design team took GridLine® stainless steel grids and used them to make custom sun controls and even a parking garage gate.


Don't Face Your Project Alone


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