Acrovyn Sound Transmission Control Doors

Available in a variety of solid colors and Chameleon™ patterns, Acrovyn Sound Transmission Control Doors (STC) are used to alleviate unwanted noise by reducing sound energy transferred through door openings. We offer STC doors in non-rated STC 30 and STC 43-46 as well as 45 and 60-minute fire rated STC 35/34 and 90-minute rated STC 36. All models are available in 1-3/4" thickness and come with replaceable edge covers only.


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Doors Chameleon Simulated Patterns

Chameleon™ Simulated Patterns

Acrovyn Chameleon is free of PVC and PBTs. It is available in 22 Acrovyn Chameleon simulated wood and metal patterns.
Chameleon Simulated Patterns
Acrovyn Doors Solid Colors

Acrovyn Solid Colors

Acrovyn 4000 is free of PVC and PBTs. It is available in 68 solid colors.
Acrovyn Solid Colors
Acrovyn Doors by Design Finish

Acrovyn by Design Finish

Photographs, logos, patterns and more can be reverse printed behind Acrovyn rigid sheet, serving as a protective shield.
Acrovyn Doors by Design

Leed® V4 Compliant

All our Acrovyn doors can help to contribute toward LEED® v4 credits.  LEED® v4 encourages the use of materials for which life cycle information is documented, as in the Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Products Program.

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