The door edge that is the hardest to damage, is also the easiest to replace.

Stile Replacement Step 1

Stile Replacement - Step 1

With a screwdriver pull off the damaged edge guard from the secondary stile.

Stile Replacement Step 2

Stile Replacement - Step 2

Unscrew the damaged stile and remove.  If the door is a 20 minute rated pair of doors you will have to remove the existing intumescent to back out the stile’s fasteners.

Stile Replacement Step 3

Stile Replacement - Step 3

The replacement stile is pre-drilled and countersunk.  Simply secure new stile to door.

Stile Replacement Step 4

Stile Replacement - Step 4

Snap the replacement Acrovyn edge guard on the stile and you’re done.

Leed® V4 Compliant

All our Acrovyn doors can help to contribute toward LEED® v4 credits.  LEED® v4 encourages the use of materials for which life cycle information is documented, as in the Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Products Program.

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