What Acrovyn® Means For You

  • CS was the first in our industry to eliminate PVC from wall protection. Acrovyn® was redeveloped from PVC to a new Acrovyn® 4000 polyester formula that contains no PBTs (persistent bioaccumulative toxins), no BPA (bisphenol A) or any halogenated fire-retardants to achieve its UL Class 1 tested and labeled fire rating, and completely recyclable. Acrovyn® 4000 is Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Gold or Silver, and the contents are disclosed in a Health Product Declaration.

  • In re-engineering Acrovyn® CS decided to create a new contemporary texture that was less institutional, that provided better end cap to profile match and would be easier to clean. In a recent survey architects and owners overwhelmingly agree that the new, less pronounced texture accomplishes all three goals.

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  • Acrovyn® 4000's low profile texture was designed to look more contemporary, but it also has the added benefit of being easier to clean than original Acrovyn's Pebblette texture. And our new texture is substantial enough that it will hide scrapes and scuffs in high traffic areas.

  • Impact tests on new Acrovyn® 4000 prove it has the same impact resistance as original Acrovyn. In addition to new Acrovyn 4000's new durable covers, many of our handrail and crash rail profiles contain rugged, shock-absorbing bumpers to prevent walls from being damaged.

  • New Acrovyn 4000 has been completely re-engineered to be more environmentally friendly, offer a new contemporary texture and best end cap match. Plus, Acrovyn 4000 is a breeze to clean and costs the same as original Acrovyn and other PVC alternatives. Experience wall protection that is a step above the competition.

Acrovyn's Sustainability

Americans spend about 90% of their time indoors. That's why the products you specify for your buildings are so important. You wouldn't eat something unless you knew what it contained, so why choose a building product without the same information?


You no longer have to because CS discloses what Acrovyn 4000 is made of - right on the product, in a Health Product Declaration, and backed by a third-party certification. In 2011 we were first in our industry to launch an on-product labeling program, developed with Perkins + Will, and supported by Cradle to Cradle, a multi-attribute, third-party certification.


Now, Acrovyn 4000 has a Health Product Declaration (HPD) that enables CS to be transparent in communicating the optimization progress of our products for positive environmental and human health impacts. The HPD allows us to be transparent in a standard format within our industry. Use these transparency and optimization programs as reassurance that Acrovyn 4000 is designed with human health in mind.

Product Optimization

CS optimizes its products.

Why would you consider a company that doesn't?

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