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We share our experience and expertise through our CES-registered courses.

Our presenters offer participants valuable insight into the direction of our industry by exploring common issues and pragmatic considerations for performance, maintenance, sustainability and more.

All presenters are highly knowledgeable in the practical and technical aspects of the presented subject matter. Schedule requirements and availability are flexible. Refer to the following course descriptions for topic details and credit hours.



why sustainability and material
Why sustainability and Material Health Matters to You
Program Number: 1
Level: 100
Credit Awarded: 1 LU; 1 HSW
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reducing the complexities
Reducing the complexities of Sustainable Design
Program Numbers: 3
Level: 200
Credit Awarded: 1LU; 1HSW
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sustainability in the buildings
Sustainability in the Buildings Market
Program Number: 2
Credit Awarded: 1 LU; 1 HSW
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navigating the material health
Navigating The Material Health Landscape for Designing Healthy Buildings
Program Number: 4
Level: 200/300
Credit Awarded: 1 LU; 1HSW
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